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Padre nuestro (1923)


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While I'm trying to recover energy to go back to restore tangos, here is one available online.


In 1923, composer Enrique Delfino (who started his career providing background music to films, just to cover the noise of the projector, and eventually becoming a film composer several years later) wrote a tango, with lyrics by Alberto Vaccarezza called "Padre nuestro" (Our Lord). It is the story of a lady who prays to the Lord asking why the man she loved run away with another woman...


This tango, at the time, made a major tango star of Azucena Maizani who recorded, with the Francisco Canaro orchestra, when there were almost no real tango singer.


In that year, 1923, there were three more recordings: Canaro's instrumental version, Roberto Firpo's, and the recording I wanted to talk about here by Enrique Di Cicco (Minotto), who was Canaro's first bandoneon player, in a solo performance.


Minotto's was one of the great virtuosos of the bandoneon and the recordings of his own are usually obscure and rare.


Shortly after recording this, he was hired to setup an orchestra to provide background music for silent films, without a demand to match the images in the screen. This way to exhibit silent films became extremely popular and the trend expanded throughout Argentina: nobody went to those theaters to see a movie... they went to listen to their favorite musicians.


This Max Gl?cksmann recording is very noisy... I cannot restore it, and I don't expect EMI to do it (why they cannot call themselves Odeon?).





to download: http://www.esnips.com/nsdoc/8a66c602-1073-440a-b461-ed3006e7c22e/?id=1202191171441

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