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If You Could Make A Movie

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If you were able to make a movie what would pick?

A Drama

A Comedy

A Suspense






Also What decade would you choose for the story and where would go to make it.

Would it be Black and White or Colorized.

I haven't made my mind up yet.

But I know it would be a comedy.

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If I could make a movie,and it would be of the Gangster movie, set in the early 1930s, in a middle sized east coast city and my dream would be to make in color, but not the color of today's film, more towards the looks of something made in 2 strip-Technicolor.

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A period piece in the vein of Gosford Park. Maggie Smith would star. It would be mix of comedy and drama. She would get engaged and marry, we need see this from more women her age. Joan Plowright would be her maid of honor. The leading man would be Peter O'Toole. This really has nothing to do with Gosford Park does it? But that style and time, like Merchant Ivory films.

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I will make a film noir. It will be set in these days. It will be in color and...there will be blood! Just gotta think of a good lethal lady out there from the actresses appearing in films today. You know what I mean, someone in the vein of Helen Walker. (I just saw a couple of minutes of "Nightmare Alley" and was chilled by the coldness of Walker when she turns on Tyrone Power. Yeah he deserved it...but geez!!!) Too bad she didn't make that A-list. She had a lot of potential.


Aah, they don't make "dames" like Walker, Alexis Smith or Gail Patrick anymore, do they.

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I would make a Tarzan movie. Not like any Tarzan movie that has ever been made. The character would be intelligent, able to speak and understand 2 or 3 different languages as well as having the ability to communicate in varying degrees with some species of animals. He would be a feral man, yet appear to be comfortable in a civilized setting. He would be physically invincible and with athletic abilities beyond those of any human athlete.

I would hire top-notch scriptwriters and the script would be based on 1 or 2 of the Burroughs' Tarzan books. The settings and supporting characters would be exotic and fantastic.

To achieve much of feats, I would employ the CGI and the great stunt work that modern filmakers use.


A Tarzan movie like no other.


Happy to air my movie fantasy. Thanks for the opportunity.

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I like your idea for a Tarzan movie, it's amazing how we all have creative ideas,it would be kind of cool if all did a little thread with someones idea of a movie and everyone help write or even add ideas.

can you imagaine the ideas .what do you think?

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I am in the process of developing a cartoon. I guess it would make a good movie BUT....in cartoon form it will last longer. I'm still waiting for my copyright to come through so all I can say is it is about a PI in St. Louis, MO. around 1946.


Other than that.....I'd like to continue H.B. Halicki's movie Gone in 60 Seconds II.....!!!! His first Gone was wicked as well as 'The Junkman" but only cause I like his independent movie style of car chases. And as for the remake of Gone........YACK!!!!!

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drdolittle. I think that is an excellent idea. Start a thread on that. And see how others add to it. You begin the foundation since you thought of it. I really encourage you to. I think that would be fascinating reading. Thanks, Robert

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drdoolittle and bio47:


Your ideas were the topic of dinner conversation tonight with my wife. Credit her with the following...


I will play the title role. The working title will be... are you ready for this?


Tarzan the AARPman. LOL.


I laughed so hard my loincloth fell off.




Then she started laughing. :)

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