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Dedication to Directors?


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I know I (and I'm sure many others) enjoyed Summer Under the Stars very much as it gave me an inside view of many legends of the screen. Now what I feel would make a good month special since stars and cinematographers have been done, what about the great directors of all-time? Since I am new here, I do not know if this has already been done and if is planned to be done, but I simply feel as though it would be interesting to see mini-specials of different directors to guide viewers an appreciation for the diverse set of directors during the classic era.


I'm sure I'll get a bit of heat for suggesting seeing some of the same films over and over, but it is always interesting to know who guided those great stars.

(*prepares to be bombarded*)

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I'm kinda "new" here myself, FT, but I think TCM has done at least 1-day features of the works of various directors from the Classic Era. Your idea of getting "mini-specials" (would these be like documentaries?) would interest me, too. Lately some of us here have named several important actresses and actors we would like to see TCM to do a good documentary on, or a live interview with that haven't been done yet. So few are still alive! Don't worry about being bombarded, but do be prepared for some lively discussion in this thread (smile).

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