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Song "Beyond The Blue Horizon"


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I have been getting conflicting and confusing "information" about the song "Beyond The Blue Horizon."


I would like to know:


Who wrote it? Who composed the music?

When was it written?

Who, if anyone, sang it in a movie?

Who recorded it?

Is there a story connected to the song?


Thank You.


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I found some info here:




The music was composed by Richard A. Whiting & W. Franke Harling, the lyrics by Leo Robin,

Jeannette MacDonald first sang it in the film Monte Carlo:




She recorded the song in 1944, and it was also sung by her in the film Follow the Boys:




There is also a movie titled Beyond the Blue Horizon, starring Richard Denning and Dorothy Lamour:




I don't see any mention of the song in that movie's credits.


One of my fondest memories is of Paul Douglas singing the song in Everybody Does It. But I love everything Paul Douglas did.




Hope this helps you!



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As an aside, the song is also featured in Cagney's "Winner Take All" - it's played in the scene where he departs on a train for the west and is used as backround as the train crosses country. This is clearly done to be reminiscent of the original train-related scene in Monte Carlo when the song was originally introduced.

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I want to thank all of you, first of all, for your kind and helpful responses.


I really like this site and these message boards. I just joined here last night.


You are all really nice people.


I love Turner Classic Movies. Every time I watch TCM, I learn something new.


And I must say, my favorite parts of TCM are:


The silent Sunday movies

The underground foreign films

And the commentary by Robert Osborn


I am going to follow-up on all the information that you've provided.


And, I sure wish I could see Cagney on that train going west with "Beyond The Blue Horizon" playing! I've never seen it but I would get a real thrill out of it.


Maybe TCM will run it some time.


That would be great!


I have a sort of mystical attraction to that song. Maybe I will tell you why sometime.

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