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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) - UNCUT VERSION


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On January 9, TCM will air Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988).


TCM, please air the uncut version.


Several Easter eggs were hidden in the film by its animators. Tape-based analog video such as VHS did not reveal these, but technologies with better image quality, such as the laserdisc, were said to reveal, amongst others, the phone number of then Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Also, when Benny the Cab wrecks at night and Eddie and Jessica roll out, there are two separate frames (2170-2172 on side 4 of the laserdisc version), within two seconds of each other, showing a blurry shot of what seems to be her with no underwear. Disney recalled the laserdisc and issued another disc, later claiming that it was an incorrectly painted cel. Disney also stated that the cel in question could be seen on the new disc and on the VHS version.


Two DVD versions edit the scene where Jessica Rabbit rolls out of the cab after Benny the Cab crashes. The 1999 DVD version reanimated the scene so that Jessica is wearing white panties underneath her dress. When the DVD set was reissued in 2002, the scene was reanimated so that a piece of Jessica's skirt strategically covers Jessica as she rolls down the hill.


Just before Eddie falls off the building, the words "For Good Times, call Allyson 'Wonderland'" can be seen on the wall behind him. Originally, the Alyson Wonderland graffiti in the bathroom was followed by a phone number, rumored to be either Michael Eisner's or Jeffrey Katzenberg's home number. For later video releases, it was replaced with "The best is yet to be!".


A brief scene consisting of the toon Baby Herman passing by a female (human) extra on the set of the opening cartoon and sticking his middle finger up her dress, and then coming back from under the dress with a drool of spit on his lip was edited out of the first DVD edition of the movie, though it can be found on editions of the VHS, laserdisc, and DVD issues.


In the sequence where Bob Hoskins is seen falling an incredibly long distance flanked by Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, Bugs at one point does a finger twiddle with the hand holding his carrot. For one frame in the middle of this, animator Dave Spafford deliberately drew Bugs as flipping Mickey off, and requested that the animator working on Mickey respond with a shocked expression.


Gary Wolf, author of the original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, corresponded with many fans of the film through written letters and the Internet, compiling an exhaustive listing of the many hidden "easter eggs" in the film and in the later Roger Rabbit short films. Wolf also sued Disney in 2001 for unpaid earnings related to the film.


In the piano duel scene with Donald Duck and Daffy Duck, Daffy says "I've worked with a lot of wise-quackers, but you are despicable." and, according to some, Donald replies, in his kazoo-like voice, "God damn stupid ****...." Snopes, a noted debunking website, debunks this with the closed-captioning which records Donald as saying "Goddurn stubborn nitwit," though Snopes actually believes he's saying something akin to his typical exclamation, "Doggone stubborn little...That did it...waaa-aaaghghgh!" as is heard in many old Disney cartoons. The Vista Series DVD release uses the latter quote in its closed-captioning.


A shot, allegedly animated by two Disney practical-jokers (who were subsequently fired), of Jessica's vagina during her dance sequence was inserted into the first laserdisc print.


In the broadcast TV version, Baby Herman laments "I got a 50-year-old lust in a 3-year-old body" instead of the original "I got a 50-year-old lust in a 3-year-old's dinky" though the original line was heard in TV commercials for the film's theatrical release.


The original film had a scene of Betty Boop where her dress was drawn too low in the front making her look topless. The scene was edited before being released on video.


When Eddie Valiant approached a gorilla, who was guarding the entrance door of a lounge, he said, "Nice monkey suit." Then the gorilla responds, "Wise a s s." On TV, the line was changed to "Wise guy", to make it more appropriate. The change was pretty noticeable, because the new voice was different from the gorilla's original voice.


In the edited TV version, the punchline "Nice booby trap," was changed to "Nice goin', Jess."


Several brief scenes were cut after the initial release:

The gorilla picking up Eddie by the lapels after the line "Who are you calling a chump, chimp!"

The beginning of Roger's reaction as the weasels cross the road to Eddie's office

A brief dialogue exchange between Eddie and Smartass while Roger is hiding in the sink


Some versions, including the television version shown on Fox, have an extra scene: After leaving Roger with Dolores, Eddie Valiant attempts to break into Jessica Rabbit's dressing room and encounters an angry Judge Doom and Gorilla. He is then kidnapped by the weasels and taken into ****, where they give him a "Toon-a-roo" (paint a cartoon face over your real one, in this case a pig). Eddie goes home and, using turpentine and paint remover, washes the pig-head off in the shower. During this sequence, Jessica enters his apartment (and the bathroom) and begins a conversation with him, the second part of which (after Eddie is partially dressed) is in the theatrical cut of the film. The theatrical cut tries to cover-up the missing footage by placing a toilet flush on the soundtrack as Eddie exits his bathroom. This deleted scene is included as a special feature on the DVD.


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Given that it's Disney and Disney always goes to great lengths to protect its image, I'm betting that they will provide TCM with a print that is devoid of racy content.


This is after all the company that recalled The Little Mermaid because the cover art for the VHS had a castle tower that looked too phallic.


It will all depend on the print provided by Disney. So, if it is not the so-called uncut version you are hoping for, your gripe would be with Disney, not TCM.

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