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What is your fav twist in a plot that stunned you.


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"The Sixth Sense"

"American Beauty" (The Ending...WOW!)

" Return of the Jedi" (When Lord Vader stated ""Luke, I Am Your Father"", man that was a turning point in my childhood)

"The Usual Suspects"

"Planet of the Apes" (1968)

"Jacob's Ladder"


"Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte"

"Limbo" (Another WOW ending of a fil that haunts me to this day...this is 1 film to see, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio stars!)

"Blood Simple"

"Double Indemnity"

"The Skeleton Key" (Another Anti-Happy Holywood ending! Kate Hudson wasn't tha tbad in this film.)

"Haute tension" (Twisty French horror film)

"Diaboliques, Les" from 1955, the Re-Make W./Sharon Stone was not so bad either!)

"Basic Instinct"

"The Village"

"Friday the 13th" (1980) (Come on ....! The 1st time you found it was the mother, man that was shocking, then the ending also made me jump!)

"The Manchurian Candidate" from 1962!

I agree with the "Crying Game"!

"The Departed"..WOW!

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I can't spoil and tell why but .... The House of the Flying Daggers.

Many twists in The Thomas Crowne Affair

One of the most stunning twists I have ever seen however is in Bad Education, out three years ago and by Pedro Almodavor. See it if you have not with wonderful performance by Gael Bernal Garcia.

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Thanks for reminding me of Primal Fear. I almost fell over when I saw that.

Did you know they did a nationwide search for that part. They wanted an unknown. A friend of mine who finally made it to broadway auditioned and did not get it obviously, but just think if they had gone with someone already with box office clout we may never have been treated to the works of one of this era's finest actors.

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"Atonement" was great, and on Thursday I saw "There Will Be Blood". I can't believe what Day-Lewis was able to accomplish in this role.


I know this is a message board for classic movies, still, I think it's legitimate to mention movies you feel could become classics. Today's movies require careful selection, however, because there is a lot of junk out there.


--Gus Cerini

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Atonement is excellent. I won't give anything away but the best 6 minutes of film this entire year were the last of that movie in an extraordinary way. For a director to allow 6 minutes of an actress giving a monologue with the camera only on her face is very trust worth and only Redgrave could pull that off. I want it on DVD when it comes out just to watch that scene over and over again. Damn, I love movies. LOL.

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'...suppose some have not seen 1944's "Laura", so I won't give it away, but those who have seen it know the moment I have in mind.'


Yep...Laura being interrupted pinning up her hair at her night table. Aw geez...WHO hasn't seen "Laura" yet?


"Primal Fear" had a twist that was absolutely stunning...but I think the best was Darth Vader claiming paternity. You know what I mean: "I AM YOUR FATHER...SEARCH YOUR HEART. YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!"

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Amen. What a movie. I've even gone to Facebook and MySpace to urge friends/strangers to see this movie. And, I do enjoy the Oscars, so I was impressed with My Dapper Dan Man's remark that he felt Day-Lewis should win best actor. So there, those of you with your snarky opinions about our contemporary Stars...

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