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run time?


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I know this has been asked before and I hate to start a thread just to ask this...but the Forum Search is an absolute joke...trying to use "runtime listing" I get everything from RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP to the TIME MACHINE... everything but what I asked...grrrrrrrrrr !!


tonight's movie VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED on it's overview page list the run time as:

137 Min, 155 Min...huh?


in the schedule listing for tonight it is 151 Min...


to make matters worse I don't believe the movies always begin at the times shown in my local newspaper... help

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> Thank you kennethlawson for the speedy reply...so it is not 137, 155 or 151 it is 165. LOL


Well, the 165 minutes is how much time TCM has in the schedule between the start of Voyage of the Damned and the following movie. Since TCM programs almost every feature to begin at a quarter hour, they'll put a movie with, say, a 121-minute runtime into a two hour, fifteen minute slot. Sometimes, they'll put a shorter movie into a longer slot so that they can put a two-reeler in the excess time (and so that they can get prime time to start at 8PM ET).


Once in a while, they get things wrong, though; a notable recent example of this occurred with These Are the Damned. The American print was 80-some minutes, so TCM scheduled it for a 90-minute block. Unfortunately, the print they got from Sony/Columbia was the original British version, which had a 96 or 97-minute runtime, which caught out a lot of people trying to record the movie. (Thankfully, I was watching it live, so I was able to see the end.) The other unfortunate thing is that they haven't scheuled These Are the Damned again.


For the record, IMDb lists tonight's Voyage of the Damned at 155 minutes.

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