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Crime of Passion (1957)

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I bought this video for a dollar tonight and I was stoked because it has Barbara Stanwyck and I had never seen it before. This movie rocked. BS plays an ambitious journalist who quits her job and marries an LA police detective played by Sterling Hayden. The movie starts out slow, but Stanwyck's character proves to be quite the vixen when it comes to furthering her husbands career. There is also a great performance by Raymond Burr, who is always great in film noir dramas. This movie heats up at the end even though BS doesn't look as sexy as she did that same year in the Sam Fuller Film 40 guns, she still pulls out a great performance showing her range all the way in 1957.


Luckily this film is available on DVD so netflix it, buy it, whatever, you will not be disappointed, I promise.




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The cast alone made this a worthy addition. Fay Wray. Virginia Grey. Royal Dano (now who was mentioning him earlier?). And Stuart Whitman behind the bunsen burners? Jay Adler, back from The Big Combo, Murder Is My Beat, Illegal and The Killing, up for another character role.

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Thanks, kimpunkrock for bringing this up. Missy does it so well, doesn't she?


She's not the all in your face seductive lush Phyllis Dietrichson for a purpose. Her homely demeanor is no more than a bait to throw you off her trail so that when she strikes it will only hurt deeper. She is so slippery that she makes waves with her husband's life that he can't smell a rat and all in the name of having his best interest at heart. What else can you ask from Barbara?


And, man, her showdown with Raymond Burr can leave a weak heart dead in its tracks.


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I scored this one at my trusty local library! Just about the only place in town that still has VHS! It is good, and not totally predictable. It has a soft, winning atmosphere that draws you in. Good characters, good cast.

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