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I love this police drama with Henry Fonda, Richard Widmark and a great cast of supporting actors. This is probably one of the best police dramas of the 60's/70's. It is fun to see Fonda and Widmark looking so good as older men. I recently got this video for a dollar and I was very excited to finally own it after seeing it on cable numerous times. Widmark has not lost his touch in this picture. I have heard a rumor that he is still alive somewhere in an old folks home. There is not much info on this but, I hope he knows how loved he is.


If you like good action flicks, Madigan is one you should check out!




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"Madigan" is terrific. Don Siegel directed it, and I think it is perhaps his best work. The opening sequence, in which Madigan and his partner corner a creep who then escapes from them is gripping. Even though scores of cop movies and cop shows have come along since, "Madigan" remains powerful.

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I've been thinking of this movie a lot lately, since the death of Widmark. A great late '60's film from Don Siegel. I see he also worked on Death of a Gunfighter with Widmark the following year, co-becoming the first Allen Smithee. I didn't realize he'd been in on the first lol.

I'd also forgotten that Madigan marked a comeback for Abraham Polonsky, his first movie writing credit in 17 years. I'm wondering if this movie led into his directorial comeback the next year, but don't know. In addition to Fonda and Widmark, Inger Stevens was a favorite actress of mine, and Susan Clark was memorable, as always, in a supporting role.

Wow, I just took a look at the rest of the supporting cast. What a group of fine character actors!

I wish TCM could show this some time, but don't suppose it's in their library.

Was great to see a thread for it, kim.


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