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More WC Fields!!!!

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I am watching a video of the movie "You're Telling Me!" with WC Fields. He is one of the funniest old-time comedians I have ever seen. This movie also has a handsome Buster Crabbe as a rich, would be son in law to WC.


WC does not seem to get the attention he deserves and it is a shame. This movie is hilarious.


We need more WC!




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They are well worth it! Wait a little while....these box set prices drop pretty quick on retail outlets.

You could probably get them both for under $60 if you keep your eyes peeled.

Which is good, because I believe I spent almost $50 on the first one.

That "shorts" DVD I mentioned? Thats like $7.99. Believe me when I tell you......You WILL watch it over and over. In fact, the first time I watched it, I rewound a couple of parts at least TWICE, giggling "did he just say/do what I think he did?" =}.

They are all Precode with a capital "P". They are just filmed renditions of vaudeville acts he'd been doing for 15 years, so smooth, scripted, yet improvised. You know...second nature. Scripted, but totally on feel. Hysterical stuff. Him on autopilot in his comfort zone.


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That sounds sweet. Who put out the shorts DVD? I seen one Criterion edition of his shorts on Amazon but that was not under 10 bucks! I will have to keep checking Costco and other outlets for the sale on the movie sets.


My Dad years ago got this WC Fields mug for me at a flea market or something like that. It is a "bust" mug. I have no idea why he bought it for me, except for the fact that I liked the classics because I had not seen one of his movies before I got this video. I had seen some shorts years ago on TCM, but today was the first time I really watched WC Fields. I am now extra excited about that mug and I am so glad that I still have it after all of these years.

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Well....actually they are the same films on the criteria set!. The thing is ...criteria cleaned them up{quality wise}, added music, and.....according to a few Amazon reviewers....EDITED some of the racy parts.

They are the same films in the Criteria set. These films are "public domain", so I don't know what you'd get in your copy. In other words, I don't know what company, y'know, Is the best to get. As I said, my disc's quality is poor, like a "Little Rascals" when Spanky was an infant. But I don't mind.

Here's a link to one choice.....as I said, I don't know which quality is best, they probably ALL STINK.

But what you're looking for is "The Fatal Glass Of Beer", "The Golf Specialist", and "The Dentist"

Mine has a silent short {not all that funny} I believe called "The Pool Shark".

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While the Pub-Domain SHORTS suffer in quality compared to the Criterion, the PD's are the uncut version. I suspect Criterion found "much better copies" that happened to be chopped up already, and that's why they were more pristine - no one wanted to see the chopped-up versions!


Another recommendation is to find the documentaries on WC, because they usually contain clips of otherwise-unavailable skits, like the SIMON & SHUSTER Documentary that opens with the great "floating pool-cue tip" gag as W. C. tells why he was known as "Honest John".


Other documentaries contain good footage of his vaudeville juggling routines which remain stellar examples of this skill. He's not juggling bowling balls, pineapples and hand-grenades, but using 7 and 8 cigar boxes is amazing, too.

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Juggling 7/8 cigar boxes is hilarious!!!


Please TCM...more WC!


I am definitley going to check for those shorts. There is also a website with all the public domain material available called www.archive.org. I am going to see if I can download them there for free. That site rocks.




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My favorite Fields films are IT'S A GIFT and THE MAN ON THE FLYING TRAPEZE.

There are some really great lines in these films. I bought the two W.C Fields boxed sets at Costco a couple of years ago. It was the cheapest I've seen the sets available for, but both volumes give you a very good representation of his work. I only wish that the set included THE MILLION DOLLAR LEGS (1932), quite a surreal and funny film.

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Scottman, I too have both. And they are so worth it!. Rumor has it that they will work up a third.

My only disappointment is I wish some one would clean up the shorts for inclusion, remastered and unedited.

For my money, the three I mentioned are just as "essential" as any of his features.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if their "laugh per minute" ratio is significantly higher!

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> This movie also has a handsome Buster Crabbe as a rich, would be son in law to WC.


If you want to see Buster Crabbe as a handsome, rich, would be son-in-law, you gotta find a copy of We're Rich Again -- in which he also spends the entire movie wearing just his swimming trunks.


It's a truly warped RKO B comedy, as I mentioned here when it aired back in December.

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I know I've seen The Dentist on TCM. I want to say it was during the "April Fools" event about three or four years ago -



It's not listed as being part of the event so I could be wrong. Maybe it was during the Short Film event a year or so later. But I swear it was presented at least once. And I seem to remember it being a short presented between two other films. (Perhaps between the showings of The Bank Dick and Never Give A Sucker An Even Break that month.)


And it turns out The Fatal Glass Of Beer was shown once too.



Haven't a clue when that was.


Kyle In Hollywood

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"WC does not seem to get the attention he deserves and it is a shame- Kim"


WC Fields runs afoul of American women, with his sarcasm and cynicism about children marriage and wives. There is a real gender divde here. As a generalization, I would have to say that all the old commedians, from Laurel and Hardy, Marx Bros, Three Stooges and WC Fields run afoul of women and are not much appreciated by them. Wives are portrayed very negatively (men would say very truthfully). Women in this country don't always like to see an irreverent, anarchic streak in their men; it makes them seem independent of female control. These generalizations don't apply so much to foreign women, who in my experience are very amused by these commedians. Not liking the Stooges (or others like them) is distinctly an American woman thing!


I would like to say that my favorite WC Fields movie is INTERNATIONAL HOUSE (1933). It is one of the most far out films ever made! There is dark satire in this one. First of all the title. "International House", according to the autobiography of a Hollywood madam in the 30's, was the name of one of her "houses" that provided women of all races and was heavily frequented by film writers. In the movie, a Chinaman invents a scanning TV that allows one to see anywhere remotely. He demos the device to various people, and there is very non-PC satire based on what each person sees. To the pansyish Franklin Pangborn, the sound and picture are out of synch; to the staid Englishman, a young underage singing moppet named "Baby Rose Marie" is shown; the American rep, played by Stuart Erwin, gets to see Cab Calloway and his orchestra perform "The Reefer Man", the implications are clear and get clearer with each successive viewing of the film. A case of dark, almost vicious satire whipped up in the form of light-looking entertainment. The Motion Picture Code of the following year put an end to such artistic experiments for at least another generation.



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