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What are the most defining moments in movie history, in your opinion? I personally think of "defining moments" as those that are culturally significant, hugely influential, those that are bold and daring, or those moments that seem to "break down walls" between people and society.


There a million more ways to define "Defining moments in movies", and I would love to hear what some of your favorites are

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The Great Train Robbery


Birth of a Nation


The Iron Horse


The Jazz Singer the birth of the talking picture


Broadway Melody of 1929 the birth of the musical


42nd Street the evolution of the musical


Scarface and The Public Enemy ripped from the headlines story-telling


Becky Sharp Glorious 3-Stripe Technicolor


Gone With the Wind epic filmmaking from a best seller


Stagecoach the western evolves


Stranger on the Third Floor the introduction of film noir


Sunset Blvd the return of Gloria Swanson


The Robe Cinemascope


Rebel Without a Cause Teenagers in trouble


The Wild One Brando


Streetcar Named Desire Sexual themes explored


Winchester '73 Jimmy Stewart's deal transforms deal-making in Hollywood


Spartacus Kirk Douglas breaks the Blacklist by listing Dalton Trumbo in the credits


Dr Strangelove The Cold War played for laughs


Easy Rider The counter-culture arrives


Star Wars and Jaws The blockbuster arrives




There's more but I have to give it more thought.


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I've thought about this and have called it a "Magic Moment" in cinema because of the influence on the viewer to remember the scene. Hopefully I have this right:


Remember the scene in Citizen Kane where Mr Bernstein (Everett Sloan) recalls a moment where he notices his image of feminine perfection 50 years ago, and he stills thinks about her everyday(!) Okay, EVERY WOMAN would like to be thought of in that image anyhow, but the way he relates that small snippet to another is beautiful. For me, it's a 2-fer; it's a magic moment for Mr Bernstein, and a magic moment for me. We can discuss movie firsts and Technology influences, but I'm feeling more emotional and intuitive right now.


I have plenty others, but I need to get to work.

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Hey, maybe someone else can get a shot here. Whew!>>




I have a hard time believing you don't have a list of defining moments that is different from mine. I went for the historical view. But there are other points of view to take as well!


Sorry for barging in. There are so few threads these days that are engaging, I was just enjoying the moment!

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CLUE was the first and so far last to be filmed with 3 different endings. Each theater had one to show. The DVD has all 3, Of course Madeline Kahn once again stole the show. TCM needs to show this. Once again I have to ask for you programmers come on Septmeber 29th please give us a Madeline Kahn day in honor of her would be 66th birthday.

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"Sorry for barging in. There are so few threads these days that are engaging, I was just enjoying the moment!"


I apologize for my piqued moment. Perhaps I was just sore I didn't think of those films first. You're so right about the threads these days.


I'll just add one defining moment of my own: Monty & Elizabeth's kiss in "A Place in the Sun." That close-up kiss of theirs has never been equalled in the history of motion pictures.


Go on LZ...name some more. You're very knowledgeable.

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