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Short for a theme on Oscar New Trivia. Guess what you can.


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I love doing this and love reading your answers in those other posts.

Today's theme is the word Short, which does not mean it is in every answer. See how many you can get correct. Make attempts have fun, stretch the brain but only a short distance. LOL



1) Was a supporting role but won for best actor and was on screen for 21 minutes only. Who is he?


2) Who gave shortest Oscar acceptance speech in acting category. Only five words.


3) Not Judi Dench, but who gave the shortest time on screen and walked away with Oscar?


4) After so many years of not having African Amercan's win, we finally had two win back to back. Not speaking of Washington and Berry in the same years.


5) What film won best pic for only being 91 minutes...the shortest film to win best pic.


6) what presenter is short in height and name and presented short subjects awards?


7) who, not Tatum O'Neal or a child, but which adult is shortest to win Oscar?


8) Not a long wait, a short one at that, to make a movie and win with film debut. At least ten have done this. How many can you name?


9) A short time in terms of years to be nominated for best director. Only 23 years after birth andthe average median is 54. Who is he. He did not win however.


10) Short time between nominatoins. 18 people have won back to back nominations. Amazing that many. How many can you name?


11) Short trip to video and cable. What was first film to be released and then went to video and cable even before nominations came out?


12) Such a short trip when you don't leave your seat. What two films had 11 nominations and no wins.


13) Can you name the youngest (as in shortest of days since birth) to win Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress?


14) What is last Best Picture to win at 101 minutes. That's short for these days. A film that is not really a classic yet, but will be as is shown on some classic channels. Time will tell.




15) What film is the film with the shortest list in which all who appeared onscreen were nominated. The entire cast. How many and what film?


Good luck. Peace, Robert Michael....I enjoyed making this.

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11 is Silence of the Lambs.


15 has a cast with one member? Can you guess it?


12 is easy. C'mon now.


4 is Denzel Washington who handed the award next year to Halle Berry. First time African Americans won back to back in acting catergories.


So there are a few more. Shall I give the rest or anyone still want to work on this?

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some more answers cause I don't think I worded this too well.


5) is Marty


6) is Martin Short

12) is The Color Purple and The Turning Point

15) is Give em Hell Harry....starring only one man, James Whitemore making this the film who the smallest cast in which all were nominated.


13) youngest winners


supporting actress Tatum O'Neal

Supp actor Timothy Hutton

Actor Adrien Brody

Actress Marlee Matlin



still some more to guess if you can. Take the challenge. Sponsored by Pepsi. LOL

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