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The First Film That Comes to Mind...

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Ever see The Deadly Mantis? After the bug dies the main characters want to examine it. That's fine. But if there's a gigantic bug corpse lying in a tunnel, I'm not going to care about kissing my boyfriend. Tarantula has a much better ending.


A great beginning

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THE EVIL (1978)  Richard Crenna opens a door in the basement floor that need not have been opened.  Yikes.

Next:  A movie you were liking and enjoying . . . until the ending -- which was botched!  Ugh!  Left a sour taste! 

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1 hour ago, Mr. Gorman said:

SHEENA (1984)  Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass


c'mon Mr. Gorman, you can just use anything, any word (the more general, the better...that makes it more fun)☺️

how about.....next--merry-go-round

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39 STEPS, The (1935)  ♦Aces♦

'shutoo' has gently chided me for leaving my last post on this thread OPEN.  Ok.  I'll fix that.  :)

→ What is the first film that comes to mind involving a devil-worshipping, hermaphrodite human-sorta 'thing' with 5 eyes and a Chicken McNugget growing on its back that wants to give birth to a cyclops via their belly button? 

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