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The First Film That Comes to Mind...


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You made that way too easy! "Frequency" (your nw could also have been Heathkit)


nw coral reef


I like to add that in the movie "Frequency" there is a major blooper. Just go to this link http://wd4eui.com/Amateur_Radio.html and scroll down to (1968 Heathkit SB Series HF Equipment) and *carefully* study the SB-301 which was featured in "Frequency" and the SB-401. You can see what was missing and what couldn't happen.


I thought you might find this bit of trivia interesting.

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For Euthanasia, "Star Trek V" when Dr McCoy took his father out of his misery by turning off his life support and it has tortured him until Savok took the guilt off his shoulders.


HBO is working on a controversial film about the life of Jack Kevorkian (Dr Death).


nw purgatory

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for Purgatory...STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN


I wanted to use a TV film I saw years ago, about a young couple involved in an auto accident, The wife is killed, but the husband is hanging on by a thread. The wife finds herself in a clearing house (purgatory) brilliantly shown as a Las Vegas casino. The wife bargains with the proprietor that she will go on alone if her husband could be spared. The magistrate is so impressed with the depth of the wife's love that he allows them both to survive.

Seems to me it was either The Outer Limits, or one of the other copiers of The Twilight Zone.


New Word...Memory

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