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people call me weird


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Of course that's ridiculous. It's like saying you shouldn't look at the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper, or the Impressionist paintings if you are young, you should only look at the art of today. The classics are for all time; most of today's films are commercial products for a fleeting moment.

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Well, good for you! I get a little bit of that myself, and I'm 20 years older than you.

I will say this....(and this has gotten me in trouble on this board}....the "classics" were every bit about making money as todays "pop trash"

Its a fact. Hell, they didn't like "arty" films back then. Citizen Kane ended Welles career in Hollywood.

As a guy who calls the shots, anyway.

Do they "not make 'em like they used to?"

They do not. Once upon a time, you could count on Gary Cooper to be.....well...GARY COOPER !

Things have changed. They always do.

I love the oldies too.

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mark83....my word for you would be maturity and probably you have a very wise spirit within you.

There are times I go to the movies, mostly if the film is an independent, and if I tell the person behind the glass that thinks I am about to rip them off that I need two tickets to Mystic River for example and then in the line next to me I see five people giggling and ordering 5 tickets to Matrix Part 74, I want to scream what are you thinking? LOL

To each their own. But in my opinion you are doing great.

I long for great acting as in the old days, when you did not need special effects and make up to win an Oscar a la Kidman's nose in the Hours (the nose won the Oscar, I swear it did). But of this era I have seen a performance for the ages and that is Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood.

Now that is something of today I highly recommend. Very thought provoking.

Hey, share with us some of your favs. My classic fav is Streetcar Named Desire. And Some Like it Hot.

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Dear Mark,


Allowing your tastes to be molded by something other than contemporary pop culture, exposes you to the perception that you are weird, elitist, or whatever, especially in the US. There are many uncultured and unintellectual people in this society who don?t know or care about the past and who only follow ball games and celebrity gossip. Such people are not much of a jury on cultural matters! Old films are a relic of a past they are blissfully ignorant of. I would guess that many of your critics don?t know who the US fought against in WW2! Because there are so very many such folks out there, be prepared to spend the rest of your life feeling a little marginalized; it?s unavoidable. Go on loving what you love, be true to yourself, and go ahead, outgrow some of your companions and find new ones! Someone like you will have to be selective about who you share your interests and passions with.


Anything now showing on cable or in video release, has been propelled from the past into the PRESENT TENSE; the technology allows any old flick to be washed in the fountain of youth and to live forever, in the ?here and now?. What difference between flipping channels from watching Bette Davis on TCM, vs. watching that obnoxious young lady ?New York? on VH1? Is one better than the other? Is it more weird to watch Bette? These wonderful old films exist right now, for you to enjoy and watch! Your age should not matter!


I was much younger than you when I was bitten by the old movie bug! Try five or six! I used to watch the Three Stooges in the afternoon, after coming home from school. (There were only three channels to watch then!) I very very quickly got wise to the fact that the clothes, the women?s hairdos, the music, the sets and the cars were all very different from the current time! Being able to read the copyright date of the film allowed me to match the changing styles to a time sequence. By the time I was nine, I could tell when a black and white film was made, within one or two years, just by looking at the styles of clothing , music or whatever! This fueled in me a lifetime passion for history and the past that continues, unabated, to this very day! You don?t have to be old to like old things! As the years went on and my knowledge of history increased, my ability to appreciate and understand the topical references in old movies also increased and made me love them all the more. (The Stooges satirized many things throughout the 30?s and 40?s, from gender relations, the Great Depression to Hitler!) Perhaps you love old movies, because YOU HAVE THE EYES TO SEE what they have to offer that is different from the current time.


I have nothing against the ?New Hollywood?. Films always were a business, and the business has to go on, and nothing can stand still or remain the same. All the more reason to appreciate the old flicks as a living testimonial of the past, as historical artifacts and as a form of time travel. Some people will see and appreciate this point, while others will never ?get it?.


A word of relationship advice to you Mark. Old films are a great way to bond with others, and the experience can be shared with a significant other. Women like it when a man is knowledgable and passionate about something other than sports!


warmest regards,


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Hi Mark,


One definition of "classics": a typical or traditional event, esp.one that is




I would say that an interest in something like this is a compliment to

your indiviuality.

Some day, people will look back on this era and choose their classics.

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People have thought me strange for years. I'm well over 24, but I always liked classic movies more than most of today's stuff. Now a days I get a good mix. My daughter loves to watch TCM with me and she is 9. She'd rather watch, what she calls, "A Black and White Movie" over anything else. Her fav actresses are Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. So if you are weird she must be way out there. LOL!

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*Do they "not make 'em like they used to?" They do not. Once upon a time, you could count on* *Gary Cooper to be.....well...GARY COOPER ! Things have changed. They always do.*


Who is this Gary Cooper guy you speak of? (ha!) You make an excellent point though about certain actors back then. Ones like Gary, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck, Jean Arthur, etc... were so good and you knew they would give a good performance even if the movie missed its mark which happens to everybody sometimes. There aren't any actors today that I have to see no matter what the movie, but those old guys and gals are pretty much always entertaining.


You're other point too about the movies always trying to make money is definitely true but I think in the old days they cared about quality more than today. The movies were so competitive within their own industry b/c that was the main form of entertainment across the country. I think that drove them to put out the best quality films they could. Today we have tv, movies, concerts, travelling, etc... to entertain us and I think this has watered down the entertainment industry overall.

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