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one night of love

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Re: The movie ONE NIGHT OF LOVE was about an opera singer near the end the setting is japanese ergo Madame Butterfly as Ms Moore sings an aria I did not know what the music was in the first half of the aria but there is a cut as she kneels to sing the cut goes backstage where Luis Alberni brings in flowers and a cut back to the aria I hear a loud click and she starts singing Musettas waltz from La Boheme both opeas were puccini's but her lips do not match the music but the orchestra is playing Musettas waltz do I need help or am I correct watch it and listen then let me know. Boompa at kingcody3@comcast.net

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ONE NIGHT OF LOVE is one of my all-time favorite movies and I've watched it countless times. Now that I've read your message, I'll keep an eye out for the moment you mentioned as having the "click." I'd love to have been a fly on the wall during the filming since I've read in the biography of Harry Cohn, the president of Columbia Studios, that there were countless diva moments from Miss Moore. She was forced to loose much weight for the film and this reportedly made her very short-tempered.

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All I wanted to do, was see if anyone else noticed my observation, but some grammar school children implied I should take english lessons, did that solve any movie trivia. or are you upset because YOU did not notice the change in the music, you write as if you are. (upset).


Spend more time with the movies instead of on the board, learn to help instead of criticise, what have you done to help someone today. I make it my business to make people smile or laugh not to poke fun at them. At least when I write you can read it not the gibberish you wrote.


P. S. Did YOU notice the change in the final aria of this movie, and did my puctuation marks change my first question??? Bye. Boompa


Pointing out that your first post was a bit hard to read is neither a "criticism" nor "poking fun", at least it certainly wasn't intended that way. Just seemed like a helpful suggestion, because I know from first-hand experience that many people who might otherwise be inclined to help or offer some insight will sometimes not bother reading a post that consists of a single long sentence/paragraph. So, instead of looking at it as a "criticism" or "poking fun", you should have looked at it as a helpful suggestion that might increase the chances someone will actually take the time to read your OP.


You are the one that is making clearly disparaging remarks about others (calling me "grammar school children") and making false accusations (I never said you should take English lessons). And I can hardly see how I could possibly spend less time on the boards, when I barely spend 10 minutes or so a day at the most on average - not that it would be your business even if it were otherwise.


As for the specific detail you pointed out, sorry, I've only seen the movie once within the last 12 months or so, the next-to-last time it showed on TCM, and I can't remember off the top of my head but will check the recording next time I get a chance.


Oh one last thing. It is very disingenuous to suggest others should be more polite when you yourself are resorting to lies, name-calling, backhanded comments, and sarcastic remarks. I would have thought you would rather set a good example and actually make an attempt to be polite. But I was wrong.

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No, it's quite alright, I have a recording of it, just don't have time to watch it just now because I've an awful lot of other DVDs that I've to watch and return to the local library. But it is a movie I enjoyed quite a bit on my first viewing and definitely hope to catch it again sometime.


And if someone makes what they consider a helpful suggestion, you can always ignore it and go on about your business and no harm's been done, heh? ;)

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Finally I told TCM you advertise uncut and no commercials but yet you show a cut movie


Well AFAIK, it's TCM policy to show uncut movies, but they're also at the mercy of film distributors, and they have to rely on them to show the most complete available version of any movie they lease for broadcast.


As for "lightening up"... please. When someone's gently teasing *you* and you're the one who takes it super seriously, then you're the one who needs to "lighten up". :P

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