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How to insert an image?

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Type the following symbols in sequence (omit my commas, and put a single space between img and src)


<,img,src,=,url address of the photo,>



Place the photo's url address in-between the = equal sign and the right arrow. Make sure there are no spaces between the equal sign and the url address and none between the url address and the right arrow.


To find the url address, place your screen cursor over the photo, then right click your mouse and click on "properties." The address will then be listed. Copy that and place it in-between the equal sign and the right arrow, then post that to the blank "message" box on this thread.


I got this long ago from FredCDobbs, so you can really thank him for it.


This can be used if you want to copy an image from another website onto this page. If you have images on your computer you want to copy here, you need to use a site like photobucket.com (it's free, I use it) to upload your pictures, and then copy them from there to here.




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Use this code:


<img src=>


Put the photo's url address in-between the = sign and the > right arrow.


This is a photo?s url address:




Your full code should look like this:


<img src=http://www.moderntimes.com/mystique/image/sierra.jpg>


This will be the result:






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How to upload a photo from your computer to tinypic:


Go to:




On the tinypic page, click on ?Browse?.


Search around in your computer files, find your photo that you want to upload, then click on that photo, then click on ?Upload Now? on the tinypic page.


Wait for the upload to finish. Don?t do anything or type anything until it finishes uploading.


When it finishes loading, you will be taken to a page that says, ?Thanks! We got your image!, and your photo will be displayed on that page.


Then copy the bottom URL address from the box that says, ?Direct Link For Layouts?.


Your URL address should look something like this:




Save that URL address to a word document or some other document, and give it a title so you will know where to find that picture in the future.


Then use my instructions below to post the photo on this message board.

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You are welcome.


To test your photo size estimates, go way down to the bottom of the main thread index page and go to ?Archives?, then ?Trivia?, then ?TEST YOUR PHOTO SIZES HERE?.


Or, you can just go to this link, which is the same place:




That way you can play around with the size dimensions without bothering anyone.

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Thanks for that tip, also, Fred....however, I resize photos alot and you can rest assured

they will be right before they are ever posted to tiny pic. I don't care for these "wall-to-wall" pictures that get posted in the threads and would be careful to keep photos I post to a reasonable size.

You've been very helpful and I do appreciate it.

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What you have done is post a web page URL address in your photo code. But that won?t work. Here is the web page URL address:




Here is a photo from that web page:




This is the URL address of that photo:




Here?s what your photo code should look like for that particular photo:


<img src=http://www.jeremy-irons.com/film/images/moviethumbs/reversal7f.jpg>


If you post that code in your blank message box, and then post your message, you'll get this:




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One thing I think should be noted --


I don't know if it's everyone's experience or just how my system relates/reacts to this forum's software, but I can't post only a picture: there has to be a line of text before it.

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My ability to work here is hurt by an apparent change at Photobucket, that does not allow upward sizing, and which also reduces the max size allowable. I don't believe the 700 X 1024 size is allowed any more. Are any of you able to get that size still?


Photobucket does allow for some 10 step process over and above what they required before in order to get around these resizing issues. That makes an already cumbersome process even more so.


I have not had luck with tinypic or webphoto on resizing. Either there is no means for it, or it doesn't work. I need advice from others.



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Use this re-sizing code here on this board:


<img src= height =400 width =275>


Put the photo URL just after the first equal sign =


Leave one space before the word "height".


Change the numbers to make your photo more or less high and more or less wide.

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I don't think there is a size limit for photos being posted here. We have had some very large pixs posted in the past.


One thing everyone should keep in mind is that the bigger the photo (such as anything 1 MB or bigger) the longer it is going to take to load in a thread and for folks without blazing fast internet connections this can be a problem and turn them off a thread.

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Here's a TCM wallpaper -



this image is found at this link -



Personally, I'd rather see someone post a small image like this -



and provide the above link to the full-size image.


(I acquired the addresses for the images by right clicking on the photo image and choosing "properties". Then I copy the url address and paste it into the Forum message box with a exclamation point at the beginning and end of the address - the image "mark-up" found in the box on the right of any compose message page.)

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