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what if TCM became two channels ?

on TCM 1..we could see ALL the movies from the years1915 to 1960...this would include



R.K.O. and even MONOGRAM....now I know alot of these studios werent around in 1915...

I mean from when they first started ...

on TCM 2...you could see all the movies made from 1929 to the present day, this would give us

fans of the old classics a better chance to watch the movies we love...

(no clever, smart- aleck answers, please)





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In Europe, there IS a "TCM 2". TCM 2 is a British television channel. It is a UK-only spin-off channel from the UK version of TCM, and shows the popular films from the Turner Entertainment library (which includes MGM and Warner Bros. films). Four major MGM or Warner Bros. films are shown from 7:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. (interspersed with various original short films about the films) from Monday-Sunday, and the following week includes a new line-up. This allows the viewer to "catch-up on the big films," thus allowing the chance to see the preferred film on any day of the week. The channel timeshares with Cartoonito, another UK-only spin-off channel.

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I love the idea, and I love it even more that you stopped the TCM1 idea at 1960!!! ;)

I like it, but if I wanted TCM2, it would take FOREVER for my cable company to add them, it took them until 2001 to add TCM to their lineup. So I hope that if TCM does break off, that the original is the one that shows MORE of the older films (pre-1960 or so). :)

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Not being clever, or smark-aleck! Sounds nice, but I would think the result would be bumping one or both of the channels up to the third tier on DISH, or even making them premium channels. DISH doesn't like to add new channels, just takes away good ones, and they then charge me more for their effort.

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Good point. The other is cost in starting a second channel here in the States. Somewhere back in the archives is a very good post about this very matter from CSJ where he points out the problems involved. One of the big stumbling blocks is the fact that classic film fans are a very niche market.


In an interview that David Shepard did at the SSO in January, if I remember the post correctly he said that some classic film DVDs rarely sell more than a couple thousand copies which is truly sad when you consider it.


TCM has 75 million viewers from what we have been reading in the press the last year. If there were two channels, it would probably cut into the current TCM's viewership because as much as we love classic films we can't watch two channels at once,


So, if both channels had fewer viewers than TCM has now, it could lead to budget cuts and such as Time-Warner tried to make both channels more profitable which would only upset us as that could lead to more re-airings of films and fewer premieres.


In theory it is a good idea but I think in practice it would take quite awhile to happen.


I'll try to find that post from CSJ in the archives and post the link.

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TCM2 in Great Britain shows just four movies a night. What a bore.



Saturday March 1st

Sunday In New York (1963)

The Boyfriend (1971)

The Sunshine Boys (1975)

Arena (1963)


Sunday March 2nd

The Time Machine (1960)

Designing Women (1957)

Arsenic And Old Lace (1944)

Blossoms In The Dust (1941)


Monday March 3rd

Travels With My Aunt (1972)

The Girl And The General (1967)

Guns For San Sebastian (1968)

2010 (1984[/b]


(and don't tell FrankGrimes but they are showing Moonfleet next week.)


Kyle In Hollywood

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I like your idea very much rainingviolets. As more and more films of the 70's, 80's, and 90's appear on TCM the more uneasy I become. My statement is not meant to start a war on what is considered a "classic." I'm merely saying that it would be nice for us fans, of what is now considered eariler classics, to have a base that we can fall back on.

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You could have a seperate channel, OR you could choose which one you wanted. For instance, there would be two small screens on the tv, and you could select the one you want. By pressing, "exit" though, you could go back to the original screen, or whatever, and select the other one. I have directv and there is something like that for sports.


My dad thought of a GREAT idea though: Old movies on pay per view! Scroll down and select the one you want to play, if it's not on TCM.


Nice idea, Violet.

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This discussion reminds me of the early days of MTV (I was in my twenties and early thirties back then). For a while after VH1 was spawned it had the distinction, and appeal, of not playing any rap, but that lasted only for a couple years or so. And after that the distinction blurred further. I mention this just to note how venues tend to drift (or evolve) away from their original charters. Of course it reminds of the ongoing debates here about whether TCM should be showing recent films, regardless of their merit, and how some here remind that TCM has always been open about its commitment to show ?classic? films from all eras.


Perhaps you?ll be reassured to know that I hardly ever watch music videos these days, mostly because I?ve grown to dislike video presentation of music but also because most of it on TV is total crap. I do still channel hop through those channels a few times a day, and a couple days ago I paused for a cute little pop melody that I hadn?t heard before. Occasionally I?ll stop for an old fave I haven?t heard in a while, but I can?t remember the last time I deliberately went to a music video channel to watch something. Did buy a LeAnn Rimes disc a few years ago on the basis of a video I happened across. (No, I?m not a country music fan.)


Please pardon the personal digression.

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I remember when music videos came out. I liked the idea in theory . I very soon out grow them. Theses days I rarely turn to VH1 only if theres a special I want to see, I have seen several shows that I have recorded to dvd, usual music specials or specials about making music or a special, on a producer, Tom Dowd, which was really good, Other then something like that I don't mess with the music channels, I listen to the music channels on my Dish network , there are no commercials, or announcers, and they show the name of the song and artist and label. ect, everything is piped through the surround sound system.. so it all sounds good...LOL

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There was a local channel show called R.O.T.V. (Rock Only T.V.) I watched it every day after

school, well they had to change the premise because it wasn't P.C. not to include other forms of

music, so they began to show hip-hop and Rap and it was like opening flood gates, it was

completely changed and lost it's Rock audience including me...



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I used to watch a network the started out as ZDTV became Tech TV and was eventually sold to Comcast, who essentially killed it and renamed it G4 I have the station but I don't watch it any more.. I was very disappointed to"Loss" this station, It was fun educational and tried to have a type of tech show for every level and interest.

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