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Silent Movie, "The Rag Man"


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I know this probably belongs in the silents folder, or the Young Composers Contest folder but people rarely visit there.


I saw a "tweener" the other day about the Young Composers Contest, and it looks like the movie that is/was being scored is the 1925 THE RAG MAN, starring Jackie Coogan. Congratulations to Linda Martinez, who won.


The print looks very crisp and clean, and I am excited to get a chance to see this movie. Does anyone know when this movie will air?


With all the silents in the vaults without scores (presumably, this is why they are not aired) I wonder why TCM doesn't hire young, up-n-coming composers or graduate students to write scores for these films? Even a decent piano score would be nice, if it meant that some new silents could be shown. I imagine that would be like the chance of a lifetime for someone just getting started.

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Hi Alix! I agree with you that this will be a movie well worth watching, and it would be nice if we knew when TCM is going to show it. I'm expecting it might take awhile just getting the music set to the film, so be patient.


Jackie Coogan was born on Oct. 26, 1914 and died of a heart attack on March 1, 1984. Who has seen "The Kid" and not fallen in love with Jackie?



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Thanks, in fact it "premiers" on January 30. I saw the advertisement for it on TCM's homepage this evening.


And yes, it is hard to imagine seeing THE KID and not following in love with that little dutch-boy bobbed urchin. What a darlin'.


I can't wait to see this movie & hear the score.

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I tell you Jackie must of gone through some major stress as he grew into adulthood because by the time he showed up on The Addam's Family in the 60's he sure wasn't too loveable looking! It's very nice to see him in his childhood before life took it's toll on him.

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