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TCM...sticking by the Classics..ONLY

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>Just let me know 'cause this promises to be more entertaining than Maverick and I'd like to sell refreshments.


Lol, hi Kyle. Anything would be more entertaining than Maverick. Join the party.

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"That "expose" on the copied pasted "flame" was riveting television!" - mickeeteeze


No kidding. Never thought I'd get proof that the TCM Message Boards are the target of "Freepers". Very illuminating.


Kyle In Hollywood

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No kidding. Never thought I'd get proof that the TCM Message Boards are the target of "Freepers". Very illuminating.>>


Okay, I gotta ask, what are Freepers?

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Nope, if you want to see a right wing sight, go to Human Events...there, I do some very serious debating...


There's been a heck of a battle amongst Republicans...


Some quick and sharp minds over there...


I'm one of them...

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Oh no, not again.


Ava, you're opening up a Pandora's Box with this thread. You're a newbie, but we all just had a fight about this a couple of weeks ago.






You sure called that. Poor Ava, I think she fled the thread.


Message was edited by: molo14 to show I was quoting someone

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I don't know about anyone else but I'm ready for a moratorium on this subject. Seems like we have been arguing about it in different threads since the first of the year.

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OMG....lol...i didnt even realize of course and geeez i sure didnt mean to offen d anyone at all..actually i saw someone request a movie,...a great movie no dought,,Fargo...but its NOT a classic by any means..a GREAT movie just not a classic..and i got a little concerned and posted this thread..but honestly...i KNEW there would be alot of responses.lol....i just never want to offend anyone..and yes i am a newbie..i hope im welcome cause i like it here!!



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AvaG92260 -

From what I have read, you aren't guilty of offending anyone.


Granted, the topic of your post has been hashed and re-hashed many times. A stroll back through a few pages of threads in this particular Forum will reveal the most recent ones.


It all boils over and then peters out into a temporary detente. I think this time there was little anyone had to say on the subject anymore - so it veered off into more fertile territory for "argueing for arguement's sake". But you're not responsible for that.


Kyle In Hollywood

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You didn't offend anyone here, at least as far as I can tell.


This is one of the most contentious subjects on the board. We have been arguing about in different titled threads off and on for years. We have been arguing about it since January of this year.


We have been assured by TCMProgrammr (one of the actual programmers for the channel) over and over that TCM is not turning into AMC.


Films from the 1980s and the 1990s are played on TCM. When TCM first began airing it was films from the 1920s to the 1980s that they showcased.


After they hit the ten year mark in 2004, the expanded that to include films from the 1990s. They have always been upfront about that. At one time it was right on the front page of the website.


The bulk of the programming, with the exception of the 31 Days of Oscar which ends tonight by the way, is from the classic film era.


But Fred C. Dobbs probably said it best yesterday when he wrote: "in this ?new age? of TV that we are in now, guys like you and me need to learn how to get along and share the same channel, because we are going to have to do it. "


TCM has always taken a big-tent approach to the films they show, trying to appeal to film buffs that like silents, talkies, pre-codes, musicals, westerns, foreign films, dramas, comedies, etc.


They have always been upfront about that. As I said earlier, we have been arguing about this issue ever since I got here in 2004 and a reading of the archive reveals that folks were arguing about it in the early days of this message board because of what had happened to AMC. In all the years of arguing about it here, have we had any tangible influence on the programming. Has it changed in any monumental way? No, the programming has remained consistent with TCM's mission statement.


We need to find a way to get along here on the message board with one another because the whole reason we are here is because of our love of film. And TCM provides us with a film buff's paradise far more often than any other channel out there.


Tomorrow evening is an entire evening of pre-codes and a new documentary on them.


Instead of focusing on how and when TCM is going to turn into AMC (which is kind of akin to a dog chasing his tail at this point because the argument here never gets resolved it always ends in a stalemate) perhaps we could focus on suggestions for making TCM a stronger channel that moves us beyond this argument.


Message was edited by: lzcutter because I live for the day the indentation problem gets corrected.

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