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TCM Forums, a soap opera


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I have nothing against anyone here in the TCM forums, but guys, come on! The TCM forums are turning into a soap opera! I mean, let's respect each other's opinions, or ignore them, and just answer the author's question! I know, it's fun to have that drama, (believe me, I enjoy watching some people go back and forth) but let's either don't respond to someone we're mad at, or respond in a polite way. And I don't have a problem with people who disagree and express it in a polite way!


And another thing, I've seen some of you use language before, and I'd like to remind everyone that there are younger posters out there, and it is a little uncomfortable to see that some posters use bad language. I'm not trying to be a goody goody, although I'm SURE it sounds like it. Please, briefly look over the message board of etiquette.


And I am against NO ONE here! I enjoy seeing everyone's post, and opinions. But let's cut down on this on going drama. It's hilarious! If we're going to have a soap opera here, let's use movie lines and be even more dramatic, in a funny way.


And one more thing, some posters are rude to new posters. And believe me when I say, some new posters are young posters, (like myself) and nothing feels worse (well not NOTHING) than being critisized by middle aged people.


Please don't get mad at me for posting this. PLEASE. I mean harm to NO ONE.



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I sit back here and read theses post as they come up and most of the time I don't follow only one or two threads a night, However I see the post from other threads, and sometimes it seems like a bunch of kids fighting over stupid stuff... Someone needs to call mutual corners ,and send them to bed...

So lets play nice and get along... I was just venting and saying something I'd thought on and off for a while here, if you chose make a big deal out of it ...ok

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I definitely agree. While I don't mind fun and games once in awhile, I am here to talk about film. Lately, many threads are so intertangled with personal battles that I don't really feel like posting. I try and show respect to others and I expect the same in return. I don't think that's too much to ask of anyone. It doesn't matter to me if you're 16 or 60. If you want to talk film, I'm interested.

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I definitely understand your point, but I and many SSO posters enjoy both forums. There are many people who for some reason or another stick to one forum exclusively and I come here to read their thoughts and converse with them (same with SSO). I mainly like to discuss film analysis and there are many people here who will discuss films that aren't discussed at SSO and vice versa.

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Virginia writes..."Please don't get mad at me for posting this. PLEASE. I mean harm to NO ONE."


I am not mad at all.


You have my unequivocal pledge to be civil and polite while on this board.


BUT, when a poster comes on this board and tells me to shut up, as was done last night, all bets are off. And, keep in mind, my remarks were not directed at that poster at all.


I will strike back...

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This forum is actually not as bad as some others I have been in. There are some forums that have been cruel to me based on nothing at all--my name maybe, or the fact that I was a female in a mostly male board. We actually have it good here. There is no need to fight over movies or be mean to people for no reason. I hate that. Plus there are bad word filters so no swear words can be typed. So I think the kiddies do not have to worry about bad words filling their heads here in the TCM forums.


Here are some things to live by everyday and every moment:


Help ever, Hurt Never.


Love all, Serve all.


Do unto others as you would have done to you. ( the golden rule--karma)


Learn to Give, Not to Take

Learn to Serve, Not to Rule


"Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the Language of a Fragrance"


If a dirty, poor punk rocker can live a positive life then so can everyone else.


I live by these statements everyday. So can you.



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In other words "if you don't agree with me, disagree benignly". We wish the whole world was like that, but it's not.

I do think Kim is right. It is fairly civil here.

I'm not even sure a "kind and conflict free" board would really be as entertaining as this one is.

Personally, I found the "exchange in question" from Sunday nite pretty unpredictable. Over the top?


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"...nothing feels worse (well not NOTHING) than being critisized by middle aged people..."


Yes; we middle-aged people should be more sensitive to you young people's self-esteem... ; /


But, if you wanna play with the big boys???


The irony is that we didn't have a lot of drama before this mass influx of "young people" (all in the past few months; could you enlighten me as to how this came about? Do we have an advertising banner popping up on MySpace or FaceBook? Seriously; I'd like to understand where you're all coming from all of a sudden, if you could shed any light. How did YOU come to this board)???


With all due respect, you may be one of the good guys, but many of these newcomers have, in my humble opinion, been "disruptive" in their posts (both the content and frequency) and in their apparent preference for newer films over old. Trust me: we didn't have a single "Tom Cruise: Yea or Nay?" thread on here until you young folks came along. If you're young and love OLD classic movies (and don't monopolize the message boards will vacuuous new threads), I personally would welcome you. If you belong on a message board for AMC or TNT or Showtime, I'll direct you there.


Just my two.

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Otterhere once again you amaze me. What makes you think that you are one of the big boys? Why cuz you have been here since 2006 and have over a 1000 posts?!?!!?


Your EGO needs a big check. We need the younger people. They are the future watchers of the channel. They have as much right to post here as you do. Stop making them feel un-welcomed. There are no "big boys" here. Stop acting like these forums are a special club that only a few are welcomed at.


You ARE one of the posters that are rude to the new posters. If I was the TCMwebadmin you would be banned. Check your ego at the door---or yeh---get otter here! Understand!


Your comments about new and younger posters are really annoying and not the consensus of the rest of us.


and that is my two cents.




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I ignored this thread before, but I felt compelled to respond today. I have noticed

way too much sarcasm. Wry is one thing, sarcasm is another. Something else

I have been aware of is "cliqueish comments" between posters.

This is supposed to be fun. Or do I have my rose-colored glasses on. As far as

age being an issue, I am probably older than a lot of you, but I still appreciate all

of your insight and knowledge.

Having said this, I believe the key word here is RESPECT. Just ask Aretha :) !!

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You ARE one of the posters that are rude to the new posters.


Me too, and proud of it. I really don't know of any new posters, though. Just a lot of people that don't follow any sort of rules. It's supposed to be about discussion, not seeing how many threads you can start and how much attention you can receive. Politely told them a month ago that trivia belongs in the trivia forum, and then they start it up again. They even posted a nude photo from that masterpiece Caligula yesterday, against TCM rules, then quickly took it off. Just to see what they can get away with.


As otterhere stated, they all just suddenly showed up here, and have made a mockery of this website. This is the only forum I've ever seen like this. I've just stuck around for the Challenge. Whether it's one or many posters is irrelevant. Whether they're old or young is irrelevant. Please, TCM, shut it down and start over. Full registration now!


Please pray for me, as I crushed my big toe under a freezer, and I'm stuck at home on the computer, and may be dead in a matter of days. ;-)


Pat the rude

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"This is supposed to be fun."


Um, well, I'm not sure "fun" is the main objective of this message board. But then a lot of us grew up in the dark ages, when not everything from taking medicine to attending school was meant to be "fun"...


I see you're another who joined in past couple of months; perhaps YOU'D be good enough to tell us where and how you got wind of this board? I hope that's not a "rude" question and doesn't offend your sensibilities (like the age question); call it a getting-to-know-you, getting-to-know-all-about-you question.


Anyone *new* here care to share? It does seem a bit coincidental, this sudden influx. Thanks.

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Hey otterhere,


Do you have something completely against me? I also started the post, "Depressing Films", and you basically said the same thing. It sounds like you are against young people being on this board. Well, hate to tell you this, but I AM staying on this board. And I don't belong to "Facebook" or "Myspace" or any of those sites! What makes you think that everyone that's young does? And even if they do, there is nothing wrong with that. And I came to this board when, after I got cable, and started watching TCM, and found the website, I registered, and posted on message boards. And new movies being discussed is okay, you know. It's not banishing old movies forever. And there are not a lot of posts discussing new movies.


I agree with you kimpunkrock.

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