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TCM Forums, a soap opera

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No, I don't have "something completely against" you (is this a modern phrase?); as for your other thread, I simply "completely" disagreed with your premise and am struck by the fact that young people have a peculiar revulsion for anything "depressing" (or not "fun," as another new poster put it) and opined that "depressing" is a part of life -- a rather big part, you may find -- and much of value could be gleaned and learned from it. Leave it to a young person to take that personally...


You're welcome to stay here, it's a free country, and equally welcome to "ignore" me; thanks...

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see you're another who joined in past couple of months; perhaps YOU'D be good enough to tell us where and how you got wind of this board? I hope that's not a "rude" question and doesn't offend your sensibilities (like the age question); call it a getting-to-know-you, getting-to-know-all-about-you question.>>




I think we are in danger of sending mixed messages. First you post that we don't share personal information and that we are just here to post about the movies we love.


Now, you want the newbies to post where they came from and how they discovered the message boards.


I can see that this might confuse them.


On the other side of the coin, I know you like tell them as you see them but your posts may be construed by others who don't know you as well as rather confrontational.


I'm not sure what the answer is to the problem that Patful addressed but I'm all for ideas.


As to Barger, she and webestang are mother and son posters. They have both posted about their love of TCM and their love of movies. .

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I'm deleting this post. I have concluded that it's basically not that important. I'm going to take the advice of one our newer members, and chill out ... and make an attempt to adhere to the Lawson Imperative, within reason of course (;


Message was edited by: laffite

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lzcutter... Divulging how one came to know about the board isn't revealing name, rank, and serial number... It's extremely odd, in my opinion and that of others, that all these new posters have come out of the woodwork in the past month or two and all, coincidentally, seem to ask such questions as "Who's the prettiest actress today?" and "Wilson Owen: Yea or Nay?" or else blog tediously about completely unrelated topics. Life is not a blog... Nor is this message board. It's okay with me if such posters find me "confrontational"; I can take it. Am I going to sit back and see this message board taken over and irreparably changed for the worst without saying anything?


Nope; sorry if ya don't like it.

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My goodness! Lighten up, Otter...Fun is enjoyment. I ENJOY the knowledgable info

I get on this board. I didn't know this board was supposed to be so erudite.

I plan on continuing to have FUN and if this offends your sensibilities please feel

free to "ignore" me.


Message was edited by: Bargar

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Ok thats enough of this thread. I hereby declare this thread closed and send all guilty parties to bed without super..! Please, lets this drop and get on to more interesting things like dissecting movies and figuring out who played who in what movie ect....



As for a posters age as long as they give reasonably intelligent questions and don't crowd folks about their age or other silly stuff like that let them come..


Lets cancel this Soap Opera right here and now...!


Lets cancel this Soap Opera right here and now...!


Message was edited by: kennethlawson

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>Lets cancel this Soap Opera right here and now...!


... which has been brought to you by ...




Duz Does Everything !!!


and remember:


If you're not using VANO

You're working too hard !!!


Well, that tells you old I am.


I think the thread will lose force, in due course. They usually do.


ps Trivia: Anyone remember the Westinghouse line?


pps If you're too young to remember this, then you should call me on it for even bringing it up. (This is not a jab. I'm trying to be funny.)

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I've deleted a post made earlier today. I say this because that deletion, where I added reasons for same, did not appear at the top of the list, like new posts do. The gist is that I will adhere to the Lawson Imperative and bow out. Peace

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If this forum has become a soap opera then we've been gypped. GYPPED, I say!!!


Soap operas usually have sex.


Please tell me who will be our "Luke & Laura" for our TCM Message Board Soap Opera aka "THE YOUNG, THE OLD AND THE SENSELESS." Any volunteers? Again, what's a soap opera without sex.


What are the typical soap opera archetypes: the b1tch, the baron, the young lovers, the tramp. We've got slots open. (Psst! I've made up my own cast list, but cannot share it. Me? Yeah, I'm the old maid spinster joker).


So let's keep it going...the acrimony, the ageism, the threads neverending, the plagiarism, the trolls trolling, spelling unchecked, the goddesses defended and the germophobia.


But this will all mean nothing...nothing if there's no sex. We need sex in our soap opera folks. You don't believe me? Just look at "A RAGE TO LIVE" Friday afternoon.


Rock on!!

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I guess I'll volunteer to be one of the senseless. As for sex, unfortunately, while I have the unstable passion of Blanche duBois, I remain as cold as Marnie and have the sex appeal of Broderick Crawford.


I have been told I have the charm of David Niven however.


Message was edited by: molo14 not that it makes any more sense

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Cute Molo. But I respectfully, humbly and benignly beg to differ about the sex appeal of Broderick Crawford. I thought he was kind of a hot hunk in "All The King's Men." A big burly bear. Yum yum. Demagogues are kind of sexy.


But you misunderstood...the casting wasn't going for the title. ;-)

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Otter - My guess is that the "sudden influx" of new members is due to increased branding of TCM.com by the station itself. TCM is now reaping the benefit of their new logo bug and other branding devices.


Whether one personally regards this as a "good" or "bad" thing for the message boards, I'm sure that corporately it is exactly what they hoped to see happen - more loyal viewers participating in the dialogue of film and further entrenching their loyalty and viewership.


I would guess that as the .com branding continues, so will the number of new members contributing to the boards and so too the increased number and greater diversity of topics will continue as well. Personally I think it's great, but I can see how some who enjoyed things the way they were, won't.


The times, they are a changin'.

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