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Title for a B&W Movie

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About 35 years ago, I watched a black and white movie that I haven't seen since. I'll tell you what I recall but mostly I'm asking the question because I remember thinking it was the best movie in the world! B&W: swashbuckling type I think: the main character was on the run in the end. I remember he was escaping people who were on his tail. They were coming near or into the large manor (or castle) where he was. (He may have stopped there to see his woman) He got away in the end - maybe through a window. The last shot was of him coming out from under an upturned boat that was in a pond or a lake near the manor. I know that's not much to go on but I sure would like to know what I loved about it. It seemed like the title was something like *"Captain Lightfoot" or "Captain Thunderbolt or Thunderfoot"* but everytime I googled those words a western came up. Got a clue??? Thanks.


By the way, this is my first post. If you think there is a better place to post this, please let me know!

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Did you see this in a theater or on TV?


Was the movie new at the time you saw it?


Were there large sailing ships in the film?


Do you remember the country where the film took place? England, Spain? The Caribbean?

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Thank you for responding. I don't think the movie was new. I was probably 12 years old or so. The setting was in England. The setting date was maybe 1700s?? horses, carriages. I don't recall large ships. In fact, the whole movie may have played out on land. I really don't remember. The star wasn't a rake but he was very cool. His clothing was more like (in laymen's terms)...watered down muskateer with no hat. I know that's not much but in 35 years, I haven't gotten over the sensation.

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Do you know how it ends? In the Turner Classic catalog of movies, I found a movie called Captain Lightfoot. A 1955 COLOR (i must have been watching an B&W TV) movie about and Irish hero. It is the one I am looking I think.

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