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Gloria Grahame a complete package

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There was supposed to be a lovely photo of Dennis Morgan, but, it's just as well.


I should have started my own list on my I LOVE BURT thread as Frank suggested, not hijack this one. I'm sorry, everyone, for my self-indulgence.


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Hi, Bronx Blossom! -- I give you a lot of credit for choosing Carol. She's every man's best friend and lover, intelligent, playful, sexy, down-to-earth, funny, irreverent, sharp, independent, but she might have a wicked and blunt tongue that could cut to the quick.


Everything you just said about Carole is how I imagine her to be and I imagine it all to be fun.


You'd never get away with anything.


My kind of woman. I do believe Carole to be a loyalist and I am one, too.


Nothing genteel about her, and she may be very moody and want her own space.


I tend to like moody gals. The "own space" deal would be a little frustrating.


A lot of arguments might ensue and I see her throwing things at you, but not in a scary violent Mayo Methot type way. You wouldn't land in the hospital.


This is actually where trouble would occur. I'm not into arguments and a girl like Carole would feed off of them. She'd want to get angry and she would want me to get angry, too. That's where I'd fail her.


She is definitely not traditionally beautiful, and she doesn't have that immediate steamy sensuality


This is very true. Carole wasn't a knock-out but she could certainly knock a guy out.


I'm VERY surprised you picked Linda as number two; she's too vixen-ish and I see her going after the money and status. Gene should have been #2!


:D I know a little about Linda's background and I've learned that she was a great, kind woman with a big heart. I believe she was used and abused by Hollywood. She was never truly appreciated, but I certainly appreciate her.


What kind of man would Bronxie like? Well, let me try to go over how I picture you and your personality. The first thing I sense with you is your outgoing personality. You like to talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more. You are nothing but fun. You are also an extremely intelligent woman who likes to think for herself. Your man would have to be able to stimulate you intellectually. You like to eat and drink all kinds of foods, which speaks to your want to sample all kinds of life. You've lived in some of the most populated places in the country, so you enjoy meeting all kinds of people. I believe you'd love to travel and sample the different cultures of the world. You are also a very loving daughter with a wonderfully unique mother. Any man would have to honor and respect your deep love for your mom.


So the kind of guy I'm looking for for you is a smart, relaxed man who knows how to listen. They must be able to handle your great energy, too. You are also a good guy versus bad guy type of woman. You want to be treated well and most definitely respected.


I see your energy overwhelming the laid-back Duke, so he's out. I believe your attraction to Burt is physical. I think his inability to relax would end up driving you crazy. Richard Basehart could match you intellectually and he would be on the loyal side, but I don't see him being exciting enough for you. Robert Taylor is too into himself. He would be off hunting or flying and you'd end up cheating on him, not the other way around. William Holden's drinking and cheating would make you drown him in the pool. Rod Taylor is interesting since he's handsome, strong, adventurous, and rather charming. I think he's a contender. Richard Denning is interesting because he wasn't tied up with the world of Hollywood. He could relax. Stuart Whitman is a tough guy with looks and money, but I'm not sure about his personality. Richard Greene is also a contender to me because he's dashing, athletic, and adventurous. Dennis Morgan fits the "good guy" part with you because he wasn't full of himself and he looked after his family. He's definitely in the mix. Nelson Eddy is another "good guy." He would be very loyal to you and you would get to travel and meet interesting people with him. The only problem would be that he would be very serious about his work. I'm not sure he could relax.


Richard Denning and Dennis Morgan are probably the two guys I'd lean towards, but I'm actually going to say Stuart Whitman.


The self-indulgence was mine, Bronxie. And don't worry, Gloria will continue to get talked about by me. I promise you that.


So how many Gloria Grahame films have you seen? What is your favorite Gloria performance?

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I guess he does look a bit Culp-like in that picture. Actually, I have a trading card of Culp from his Trackdown TV series ... but that will have to wait for another time, another place, a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants ...

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Moody gals can be real difficult. I used to be that way when younger, but have sort of grown out of it.


Now Carol may wake you up at 3 in the morning and ask your opinion of her party list, and you may never get a lot of sleep with this lady. (but not in the way you think, lol) You'll never be bored, that's for sure.


Linda's way too insecure for you. You need a woman who is really secure in her own skin, like Carol. Or Gene. (I still say she's the one for you)


You're perceptive about my attraction to Burt; it's probably just heat, but he's so charismatic. He would be very protective and warm, but he has another side: cold and cruel. I'd run far from that. You're right about Basehart; we'd connect intellectually, but I do think I could rev him up, so to speak. Robert Taylor would be energetic but I think he needs a woman to adore him all the time and I couldn't do that 24/7. Bill Holden would be unreliable, I guess, but he would take me far from Hollywood and we'd travel the world. He loves nature and so do I, but I'm not sure I'd want to go trekking around Africa.

Rod is a bit too hairy for me (the chest) and he might have a wandering eye, but I believe he'd be loyal once he found the right girl; ME. Stuart and I would really connect physically but I do sense a lot of insecurity and possibly a bad temper underneath, whereas Richard Denning seems relaxed and doesn't take himself all that seriously. Richard Greene and I would be so happy living on our farm in the British Isles; he might be Jack-the-Lad a bit, but I could bring him down to earth.

Nelson would put me on a pedestal and sing to me and defend my honor. (which is more than I ever did) and I would run my fingers through his wavy blonde hair. (I have a thing for men with wavy hair; Whitman's the exception) My beautiful Irish Dennis, what a sweetheart, and what a glorious voice too. He'd be loyal and have a great sense of humor. You might be right about Duke; he'd put me on a pedestal too, but my enthusiasms might just make him smirk. And you know I don't like him SMIRKING.


Oh, how could I forget to put CORNEL WILDE on my list? Manly, yet sensitive!


I'm not that great a daughter, trust me on this. My mother and I have long-standing issues that are still in the process of being resolved, if they ever are.


"A smart, relaxed man who knows how to listen" -- sounds about right for me. A man who loves and respects his mother is paramount. If he treats her well, I know he'll do the same with me.

Respect is the operative word. Jealousy is out.


You've described me pretty well, but I'm no energizer bunny.


My final pick?


Duane!! What DOESN'T HE HAVE??


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Unfortunately I've seen very little of Gloria. Let me see...THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, MAN ON A TIGHTROPE, THE BIG HEAT, OKLAHOMA, and THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.


Message was edited by: Bronxgirl48

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Wow Frank, I was going to mention Carole as a consideration but I'm surprised you actually chose her---haven't you only seen TWO of her movies and you already consider her tops? It's a good choice in my opinion, because I think she may have been the easist to get along with of the big time actresses. She knew how to adapt herself to the people she was around, so it wasn't always "about her" and she wasn't a bit phoney.



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From everything I've read, Carole wasn't moody but very even tempered

because she was basically a happy girl. She loved playing practical jokes

and was an extrovert, which is why Gable was so happy with her---she was

all the things he was not, yet she could enjoy his interests and they

balanced one another.


Her wicked jaw, by the way, was often confined to the set and certain situations---

she was not known to speak profanely at home to intimates or staff.

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You will note the irony that one of my hearthrobs, Richard Greene, became famous for playing Robin Hood on television, in light of my previous statements about Errol.


I'm not sure I can recall what Richard Greene looks like either! Those Richard's are not registering for me lately! :P

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OK, I saw the Robin Hood picture of Greene---I definitely am not familiar with him.


Now as for the other pseudo-Irish fella, I certainly do know! By the way, was Dennis really of Irish extraction or not?

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Nelson Eddy is another "good guy." He would be very loyal to you and you would get to travel and meet interesting people with him. The only problem would be that he would be very serious about his work. I'm not sure he could relax.


From what I've read and been told by fans, Eddy seemed to have had a more relaxed and very humorous personality off-screen. And he was apparently very, very nice.

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I think he was born Stanley Morner, in Wisconsin. Is that an Irish name?


I don't know. They always seemed to play up his "Irishness" in his movies so I wondered if he was truly of Irish descent.

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