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Gloria Grahame a complete package

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So you saw *The Big Heat* that's a good one. Definitely one of her most memorable roles. I have forgotten if you have actually seen any of her other films now. My elephant memory only takes me so far.


Gloria was often cast in a supporting role and she is great at standing out and making a big impression in those.


*Crossfire* This is a great post war noir drama and a breakout role for Gloria. It also features three guys named Robert; Mitchum, Young and Ryan (who stands out as well). Gloria's Ginny is only in two scenes but the legend starts here and she was nominated for his first Oscar in this role. Directed by Edward Dmytryk.



*Gloria making an impact in Crossfire*


*Macao* This is a very enjoyable noir starring Mitchum and Jane Russell. Another standout supporting role for Gloria, Her Margie is cool as a cucumber, toying with Mitchum and rolling the dice. It also features William Bendix and Brad Dexter. Directed by Josef von Sternberg with Nicholas Ray and others working on this as well.



*Grahame heating up the background in Macao*


*Sudden Fear* This is a Joan Crawford film. See Gloria team up with Jack Palance and go up against Crawford. Guess who wins! Directed by David Miller.



*Grahame and Palance in Sudden Fear*


Now for Gloria in a co-starring role:


All roads end at *In A Lonely Place* You get Bogart and Grahame together in a noir love story that has triggered one of the great film discussions of this board. It is most likely still going on in the back of the minds of some of the posters here and will probably start up again in this very thread at some point. Directed by Nicholas Ray.



*Grahame and Bogart approaching a lonely place in the road.*


If you're feeling particularly adventurous check out Gloria in Fritz Lang's *Human Desire*. She's back with Glenn Ford in this one, she is wonderful in a flawed but beautiful film.


Also check out *Roughshod* for Gloria in a Western setting. It's pretty good. For a bit of variety you can see Gloria in *A Woman's Secret* directed my Nicholas Ray with Melvyn Douglas and Maureen O'Hara.


If you can get your hands on *Naked Alibi* you will have beaten me to it. That's big on my Gloria want list.


So there you are. This should give you some good ideas for Gloria films, though it's by no means a complete list.


Also I just discovered *Prisoners of the Casbah* on youtube. I have no idea what that is like but fellow Gloriaphiles should check it out.




Edited by: molo14 on Apr 5, 2011 11:46 PM

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Hi CineMaven,


Yes, sorry about that. I just clicked on the last post in the thread and hit reply. It happened to be yours. This is a carry over conversation from the Ray Milland thread. ILRM asked for some more Gloria suggestions.


A weird thing happened though. When I dug up this thread, I noticed that there were 104 pages of replies. Once I bumped it, there were only 63 pages! So what happened to the missing 41 pages? Another board glitch? Hopefully they haven't disappeared.


Anyway, good to hear from you. Did you get my message? I'll be in touch soon. Hope all is well with you.



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You're welcome. I hope you like the films. After *Oklahoma* and *It's A Wonderful Life* you are in for a whole new Gloria. (Oh wait you saw *The Big Heat* too. Never mind that comment then.) :) I do like her in both of those films though.


Gloria is also on the schedule tomorrow in *Merton of the Movies* at 6:30pm eastern time. It's not a big role for her, but you can see her in a comedy. The film isn't bad for what it is, despite Maltin's inane capsule review (are they meant to be helpful or to drive viewers away from the channel?)


It stars Red Skelton and Virginia O'Brien and is one of Skelton's more subdued and accessible performances. It's also a good showcase for O'Brien even though she doesn't sing a note. Gloria plays a flighty silent era actress. Also appearing are Leon Ames and Allan Mowbray. It's a fun movie.


P.S. I have nothing against Maltin, I just fear having his reviews posted right on the schedule might not be a great idea. :)


Edited by: molo14 on Apr 8, 2011 3:13 AM

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Your Gloria treats me like every other girl does! I'll never win!


She must keep you busy because I haven't see you for a while. I hope you have a joyous birthday, Molo. Here's to you.


I just love that you share a birthday with Hitch. Awesome.

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Mighty Mo,


Happy Birthday to you! I'm sure that Glo and all the little Glo-los are helping you celebrate your brithday, no doubt in style.


At least, that's what I hope.


I hear that Glo may be wearing the circus outfit you like so much.


And the Chans. Elwood Dowd and the Charles' are on their way over with the "usual" stuff so it won't be a dry birthday celebration!


Happy Birthday!

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Oh me.. sorry to be late for the party Mr. Mad Hat.. my day got away from me and this was the first chance I have had to log on here all day.. but I DO hope you have had yourself a HAPPY day.. and here is a little late night snack for you and Gloria to enjoy after all the festivities...





Happy Birthday!!! :D

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Hey there Frank.


Ha. You just keep hanging in there. Your day will come. I just wish it WAS Gloria that was keeping me busy!


Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. It's more than I deserve, having gone AWOL yet again these past few weeks. I really hope to start posting more starting next week though.


Thanks to a very generous fellow board member, I got a nice birthday gift. Gloria in *Naked Alibi*. So hopefully I can post some comments here about the film. I must be busy! I haven't even had time to watch it yet!


Thanks again!

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I haven't talked to you in ages! We need to catch up. :)


>I hear that Glo may be wearing the circus outfit you like so much.


Yes but that darn elephant sure gets in the way!




>And the Chans. Elwood Dowd and the Charles' are on their way over with the "usual" stuff so it won't be a dry birthday celebration!


Now that's a party! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

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Hi Jackie!!!


>Look at what Gloria got you for your birthday! A brand new shiny car!


Just what I needed too!


>Pay no attention to that sleazy used car salesman showing her the sunroof.....


I'm sure they're just discussing the payment plan. Right?


Thanks very much for the birthday wishes! :)

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