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Gloria Grahame a complete package

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TCM remembers Gloria Grahame on her birthday!




Starting at 6:00am Eastern today you can enjoy a mix of Gloria films.


6:00am - *Blonde Fever* Gloria's debut is a silly light comedy.


7:15am - *Crossfire* Her breakout performance. A small but memorable role. This is what she did best.


8:45am - *Merton of the Movies* Gloria in a comedic supporting role.


10:15am - *Roughshod* Gloria in an interesting Western.


11:45am - *A Woman's Secret* Gloria is fun to watch in this soapy crime drama with a little humor thrown in.


1:15pm - *Macao* Gloria simmering in the background in this fun noir.


2:45pm - *The Big Heat* Coming to a boil in one of her most memorable roles.


4:30pm - *The Good Die Young* I haven't seen this one in ages. Catch it now because TCM doesn't air it very often.


6:15pm - *Chandler* You can look for Gloria in a late career role here.

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Hi Miss Goddess,


If you are online tonight I'll try to make a point to remind you! :)


I don't know when they last showed this film. Maybe that can be our next discussion in this thread. It needs a revival!

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Woohoo! She's back!


I still haven't seen four of the films playing today. And you're right, *The Good Die Young* is a difficult title to track down. It's one that I need.


Thank you TCM Programmer for giving Gloria the daytime on her birthday.

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it is an inn-teresting line-up, only Merton of the Movies doesn't showcase her well-enough to rate a place in an ostensible tribute to GG, but whatevs.


glad they're skipping The Bad and the Beautiful. it's one of her only un-innteresting performances. Also glad they're skipping The Cobweb (thank you), although that last statement does not apply to GG's work in it.

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*is that her real singing voice in A Woman's Secret ?*


No. Gloria was no singer. I think the only time we hear her real singing voice is as Ado Annie in *Oklahoma* and that was done with the help of editing. Apparently she was tone deaf.

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If you have a copy of THE WOMEN (1939), take a look at the color fashion show segment, and see if the next-to-the-last model, in a long orange dress and fur trimmed cape, looks like Gloria Grahame.


It looks very much like her. If it is her, she would have been about 16 years old at the time. IMDB doesn't mention who the model is.



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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}

> > A Woman's Secret was very silly.

> The big flaw in that film is that no one could ever imagine Maureen O'Hara shooting anyone.

I dunno about that. I thought O'Hara did a fine job- as did Grahame- with what they were given, and that was not much.


I admit that I am 50/50 on O'Hara as an actress, that while she has more magnificient performances to her credit than iffy, the iffy are still iffy enough that they bring the whole average down. Her work in Secret was standard MIracle on 34th Street, frosty mode- something she worked throughout the late forties until she thawed magnificienty in the 1950's.


She makes it work, for me. Melvyn Douglas- on the other hand- looked *awful* and was- for the first time that I can recall- on total auto-pilot, and the plotline about the police inspector's wife being some sort of sleuth was just jaw-droppingly awful. There were a couple of times where I was getting up to go back to work and Grahame came on screen and I sat back down. That is star power.



GG was really one of the first "kooks" onscreen, wasn't she? Beating Goldie and Maclaine to that title.



The direction was just awful as was the script, traveling to Paris and Algeria(?) was *stupid*. Innumerable little things about the film *needed to be changed* .A quick, simple example, at the beginning- the maid hears a loud gunshot and just stands up and listens harder, as if it were a knock on the door. That's not right. Nic, I know things were going rough with you and Glo-Glo, and it might've been just a paycheck from Harry Cohn, but 'til that check bounces- *do the job well.*



There were moments where A Woman's Secret was *a lot like* All About Eve. Both written- to varying degrees of success- by Mankiewiczeseses. It's worth noting. There were also flashbacks and moments of whimsical toying with the medium of storytelling- none done well by either screenwriter or director. Had they been, A Woman's Secret might've been damn well worth watching.



Oh, and Herman Mankiewicz- who adapted A Woman's Secret from the novel by Vicki Baum- is said to have often bragged he was the brain child behind Citizen Kane.



Sure, Herman. (eyeroll.)



Edited by: AddisonDeWitless on Nov 29, 2012 11:41 AM

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No, sorry Fred, I don't believe it is Gloria. I enlarged the screen and paused the video when she came on. Took a really good look at her. I can see what you mean, the model does have the same shaped-face. But it's not her. You can tell for sure when she sort of turns her head to the side - that ain't no Gloria Grahame profile. Still, it was worth a mention.


So, what are you doing watching "Suicide" videos? ...I hasten to add, "Suicide" is the name of a punk/"new wave" band from the early 80s ( I think.) They were interesting, but I wouldn't have thought they were your cup of tea.

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Many thanks to TCM for saluting my favorite actress, GLORIA GRAHAME. Strange, sexy, unpredictable. She's endlessly fascinating. Would love to see more of her later movies (like "Chandler"). Most are pretty bad, and she had small roles in many, but she's still damned intriguing.



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>"Chilly Scenes of Winter" (aka "Head Over Heels") is a standout role for >Grahame. Hint, hint TCM.


I think the last time TCM showed this film was way back in 2007.


It is now available on Amazon as a MOD title. It's a two disc set along with the film *Cutter's Way* if anyone is interested.

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*If you have a copy of THE WOMEN (1939), take a look at the color fashion show segment, and see if the next-to-the-last model, in a long orange dress and fur trimmed cape, looks like Gloria Grahame.*


Fred I checked it out as well I don't think it's her either.

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