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What was the best prop in a movie? TIE BREAKER!

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I just thought of a goodie! The little game w/tiny balls to put in holes, played with by

Dana Andrews in "Laura". Clifton Webb's character didn't like it & D.A. said "It helps me concentrate".


The "Carlotta" NECKLACE in "Vertigo"

The CANDLES in "Young Frankenstein" ("Put the candle BACK"!


Here I am going on & on!!

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The List Is In!


Vote For Your Favorite!


1) Rosebud..........."Citizen Kane"


2) Sam's Piano..........."Casablanca"


3) Key.............."Notorious"


4) Red Slippers..........."The Wizard Of Oz"


5) The Falcon.............."The Maltese Falcon"


6) Clock................."High Noon"


7) Umbrella............"Singin' In The Rain"


8) Windmill............."Foreign Correspondent"


9) Lighter................"Strangers On A Train"


10) Cigarettes........."Now Voyager"


11) Doll.................."Night Of The Hunter"


12) Intercostal Clavicle.........."Bringing Up Baby"


If I left out an important one, I am sorry! It probably means I don't remember it (meaning I saw the movie a ling time ago, or I have never seen it.). If a lot of people want an important one I _MAY_ do a write-in.


Post Your Vote Now! I will stop counting the votes in a few days!

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I confess, I'm disappointed that my suggestion of the book of matches in North by Northwest did not make the cut. It's such a small item and was instrumental in the denouement.


Who can remember what was printed on the book of matches? A little trivia here during the voting. I hope you don't mind, ilrm. Thanks. Very nice thread.


ps: ... as far as my disappointment goes .... I'll get over it ... someday. ... waahhh


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My Vote Goes To 1) Rosebud. The whole life and death of a man revolves around this one simple thing from when he was happy.



I am sorry if I didn't put the book of matches in! I am ashamed to admit I have never seen the movie! My Mom and I always watch a movie together for my birthday, and I wanted to watch that one, so that is why I have not seen it quite yet.

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The List Is In! Vote For Your Favorite!


OK. I am going to be a bit of a "prig" with my vote - but I would still have chosen the same item either way.


From my understanding, a "prop" is an item that can picked up and carried by an actor as opposed to a "set piece" which would be a piece of furniture, etc. Nor is a "prop" worn or part of a costume. (And on a film set, three different people would be responsible for each of the three types of items on the set.)


Either way, I choose "the Falcon" from The Maltese Falcon.

But I love the inclusion of "The Cigarettes", "The Umbrella, "The Cigarette Lighter" and "The Intercostal Clavicle" on the list.


Kyle In Hollywood

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mr6666: Very close, but what did the match cover have on it ... exactly.


Thornhill first showed it to Eve Kendall early in the movie when on the train. That's how she recognized it at the end.


I don't want to draw this out. If no one nails it by Saturday afternoon, I'll spill it ... then we can concentrate on the voting. Thanks ilrm ... and all.


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One of my very favorite movies. We were at Mt. Rushmore a few yrs. ago and ate in the

cafeteria portrayed in the movie. We, of course, thought of that scene.


As far as the matchbook: R-O-T - Roger O. Thornhill. She says, "What does the "O"

stand for" and he says "nothing".

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Grant like to riff in a self-deprecatory way on who he really was---the infamous Archie Leach---and I wonder if he got a little inner satisfaction from those initials: R.O.T.

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So far the key in "Notorious" is winning with a grand total of two votes (amazing.....not) I need more people to vote! I am cutting the list down to what has been voted for so far (Sorry!)


The List:


1) Rosebud.............Citizen Kane

2) Lighter................Strangers On A Train

3) Key....................Notorious

4) Doll....................Night Of The Hunter

5) Red Slippers.......The Wizard Of Oz

6) Falcon................The Maltese Falcon



Vote People please!

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my favorite is the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz!!




the clock....the stranger

little brown jug....glenn miller story

falcon....the maltese falcon

intercostal clavical....bringing up baby

red suitcases....what's up doc?

bowler hats....thomas crown affair...pierce brosnan one.

crystal earrings....law and the lady

glass slipper....cinderella and the glass slipper

windy ducky....bachelor mother

blue stuffed horse....blossoms in the dust

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The Two Props With The Most Votes Are:


Red Slippers: "The Wizard Of Oz"

The Key: "Notorious"


I personally want to vote for the red slippers, but I don't count SO the first person to answer will decide the winner! This person however must not have already voted for one of the above props! For example if you already voted for the key then your vote won't count in this tie breaker!!!!

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My vote is ruby slippers, followed by intercostal clavicle followed by cigarettes in Now Voyager.


Others I thought of :


Hatbox - *Night Must Fall*


Cigarette and match - *Flesh and the Devil*


Sorry, I prefer the tennis racket - *The Apartment*



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  • 4 months later...

Can Jeff Chandler be considered a prop? Doesn't matter anyway, he wouldn't be my favorite one.


Although the vote is over and I missed this campaign, I would have nominated the booze in *Lost Weekend* (or any other movie), and the skull on Potter's desk in *It's a Wonderful Life*. What skull? I'm often asked that when I mention it. It seems a lot of people miss that thing when they watch the movie. So when you break the DVD out within the next couple of months, watch for it in the scene where Potter offers George a job.


Oh, and of course, the leg lamp, the flagpole, and the Red Rider air rifle, in *A Christmas Story*.

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