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50 States 50 Great Movies?


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Please excuse the intrusion since I am from Arkansas I have to put in Steel Magnolias which was filmed in Arkansas. Lord Georgia I am hard pressed to come up with a movie filmed do they have to be filmed there? or based there? Designing Women was based in Georgia....but that is a TV show. Oh oh I have one for Florida an Elvis Presley movie filmed in parts of Florida dern the name thank you imdb Follow that Dream. Looking at my DVDs didn't Diner take place in Delaware?? Seems it did to me.

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Also for Iowa, I'll mention a personal favorite. The Sullivans AKA The Fighting Sullivans 1944. This one about the five Sullivan brothers who died together while serving their country aboard the USS Juneau.


The first part of the film is all about them growing up in the town of Waterloo, Iowa.


Should we start on Kansas? There's that one movie that starts and ends there.


Something about a young girl, her little dog and a tornado.

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Are we the only ones still playing mr6666?


If we move on to Louisiana there are a number of good choices.


My pick would be A Streetcar Named Desire. 1951


I also enjoyed Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte 1964.


I can think of a few others but I'll see if anyone else wants to chime in.


Message was edited by: molo14 I misspelled Louisiana. duh!

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My favorite Louisiana movies would be "Angel Heart" and "JFK." I know "JFK" has serious flaws, but the editing is brilliant (in a way that it isn't in "Nixon"). "The Big Easy," of course, also takes place in New Orleans, but I haven't seen it.

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Interview With The Vampire.

Can't believe I forgot that one! New Orleans is absolutely a "character" in that one, and I'm a DRACULA FOOL.

Yes.....Live And Let Die had some Louisiana parts, and the same dopey sheriff showed up in the next Bond flick. Although, maybe that guy was in Europe, on vayacayshunnn!

Not my pronunciation, the sheriffs!


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