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50 States 50 Great Movies?

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I can't think of a better one than *A River Runs Through It* either.


There is also *The Sisters* 1938 with Errol Flynn and Bette Davis.


and of course *Cattle Queen of Montana* 1954 with Barbara Stanwyck and Ronald Reagan.

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The Sisters is my top Montana movie. It begins and ends in Silver Bow, Montana. It has a great cast and story, and the San Francisco Earthquake thrown in. It is my favorite Bette Davis movie and also starred Errol Flynn. The other two sisters were played by Anita Louise and Jane Bryan, who will be 90 in June. The great supporting cast included Donald Crisp, Beulah Bondi, Henry Travers, Patric Knowles, Harry Davenport, Lee Patrick, Laura Hope Crews, Alan Hale, Ian Hunter, and so many others. I wish it would be released on DVD, with an interview with Jane Bryan.

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I'm thinking of movies that take place in Nebraska, not movies that were filmed there. "Terms of Endearment" takes place in Texas and Iowa, "Badlands" starts at least in South Dakota, and "Days of Heaven" takes place in Texas.

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*"I'm thinking of movies that take place in Nebraska, not movies that were filmed there."*


I doubt that anyone will come up with anything as important as *Boy's Town* but here are a few others to consider -


*Boy's Don't Cry* - Hillary Swank


"In Falls City, Nebraska, Brandon Teena was a newcomer with a future who had the small rural community enchanted."


*The Conquerors* - Richard Dix, Ann Harding. dir: William A Wellmann


"During the economic prosperity of 1873, New York bank clerk Roger Standish dreams of marrying his boss's daughter, Carolyn Ogden. The broke but happy newlyweds leave New York to start fresh in the West, but while in Nebraska are ambushed by outlaws. In the struggle, Roger is shot, then is taken to the nearest town, Fort Allen, to be treated by Dr. Daniel Blake, an alcoholic but competent physician."


*Western Union* - Robert Young, Randolph Scott. dir: Fritz Lang


"In 1861, Western Union engineer Edward Creighton is surveying a telegraph line when he is severely wounded in an accident. Bank robber Vance Shaw, on the run from a posse, comes upon Creighton and saves his life while eluding his pursuers. After Creighton recovers, he returns to Omaha, Nebraska, where he intends to build a telegraph line to Salt Lake City, Utah."


Kyle In Hollywood

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Ok, Now it's Nevada's turn. Much of The Godfather, Part II takes place there, along with cameos from New York, Florida, Cuba and Sicily. "Casino,""Bugsy,""Honeymoon in Vegas,""Bugsy" are also obvious choices.


So here's a question. Are there any movies set in Nevada that have nothing at all to do with casinos?

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Hi there. I was wondering when you would announce the next stop on our itinerary.


*"So here's a question. Are there any movies set in Nevada that have nothing at all to do with casinos?"* - skimpole


How's these?


*The Misfits* - Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift dir: John Huston


"While staying at Isabelle Steers' roominghouse in Reno, newly-divorced showgirl Roslyn Taber meets Gay Langland, a ruggedly independent, aging cowboy."


*Wild Is The Wind* - Anthony Quinn, Anna Magnani dir: George Cukor


"When Gino, a wealthy but lonely sheep rancher in Nevada, decides to marry his deceased wife's sister Gioia, she emigrates from Italy and immediately moves into her new husband's home."


*The Ox-Bow Incident* - Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews dir: William A Wellmann


"In 1885, cattlemen Gil Carter and Art Croft travel from their small ranch to the nearby town of Bridger's Wells, Nevada, after the winter round-up."


*Kiss Me Stupid* - Dean Martin, Kim Novak dir: Billy Wilder


"Dino, a pop vocalist who is notorious for his heavy drinking and lecherous behavior, concludes a Las Vegas nightclub engagement and heads for Hollywood in his Italian sportscar. A detour on the highway forces him to drive through Climax, Nevada..."


*The Spider Woman Strikes Back* - Gale Sondergaard, Brenda Joyce, Kirby Grant


"Jean Kingsley arrives in the rural town of Domingo, Nevada, to take up a new job as companion to blind scientific researcher Zenobia Dollard. At the train station Jean is surprised to run into Hal Wentley, a college beau, who still cherishes hopes about a relationship with her."


*Driftwood* - Natalie Wood, Dean Jagger, Ruth Warrick dir: Alan Dwan


"At a church in Bullfrog Springs, Nevada, young Jenny Hollingsworth weeps as her grandfather and sole guardian, a frail country reverend, dies of old age. When night falls, a plane from the nearby flight academy crashes, and a collie that was traveling on the plane befriends Jenny."


*Carolin Cannonball* - Judy Canova, Sig Ruman, Jack Kruschen


"...scientists in the United States secretly launch the XGMI, the first atomic-powered guided missile. Soon after the launch, three foreign agents, Otto, Stefan and Hogar, seize radio control of the missile, but lose their navigational ability when their equipment malfunctions. After XGMI crashes in the Nevada desert, the spies, hoping to retrieve the rocket for their country, hurry there. Posing as uranium prospectors, they board the rickety "Carolina Cannonball," a steam-driven streetcar that runs along a spur between a deserted whistle stop at a remote railroad junction and the town of Roaring Gulch."


and one of my favorites -

*Dig That Uranium* - The Bowery Boys


"In the Bowery in New York City, longtime friends Horace DeBussy "Sach" Jones, Terence Aloysius "Slip" Mahoney, Butch and Chuck regularly gather at Louie Dumbrowski's soda shop. One day, Sach brings in another old friend, Shifty Robertson, who claims he is now a wealthy uranium mine owner. Although Shifty offers no explanation, he is anxious to sell the deed to his Little Daisy mine. Slip pressures Louie into buying the deed, after which Shifty runs from the shop. Some time later, the Bowery friends arrive in Panther Pass, Nevada, where their jalopy breaks down."


Kyle In Hollywood

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*"Wow Kyle, you took all mine (I only had 2) before I had a chance to post!"* - mr6666


What? You're a fan of *Dig That Uranium!* too? Atta boy!


Sorry I took the wind out of your sails. I thought leaving out casinos would have made it really difficult to find titles.


From now on I promise not to be a title hog.


Kyle In Hollywood

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So here's a question. Are there any movies set in Nevada that have nothing at all to do with casinos?>>


*The Covered Wagon*

Parts of *The Iron Horse*

Episodes of *The Hazards of Helen*

*Las Vegas Nights* featuring a cameo by an up and coming crooner named Frank Sinatra

*Heldorado* with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans

*The Women*

*The Atomic Kid* with Mickey Rooney

*The Girl Rush* with Rosalind Russell

*Hollywood or Bust* with Martin and Lewis

*The Amazing Colossal Man*

*Hey Boy! Hey Girl!* with Louie Prima and Keely Smith

*Viva Las Vegas* with Elvis Presley and Ann-Margaret

*Elvis: That's the Way It Was*

*Diamonds are Forever* with Sean Connery

*The Gauntlet* with Clint Eastwood

*Corvette Summer* with Mark Hamill

*Melvin and Howard* with Jason Robards and Paul LeMat



Those with a gambling theme:


*Lady Luck* starring Robert Young and Barbara Hale

*Hazard* with Paulette Godard

*The Lady Gambles* with Barbara Stanwyck

*Dark City* with Charlton Heston

*Painting the Clouds with Sunshine* with Virginia Mayo and Dennis Morgan

*The Las Vegas Story* with Jane Russell and Victor Mature

*Meet Me in Las Vegas* with Cyd Charisse and Dan Dailey

*Oceans Eleven* (both versions)

*Guns, Girls and Gangsters* with Mamie Van Doren

*The Only Game in Town* with Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty

*The Gambler* starring James Caan

*The Electric Horseman* with Robert Redford

*One From the Heart* with Teri Garr and Raul Julia

*Lost in America* with Albert Brooks

*Las Vegas Vacation*

*Rain Man* with Tom Cruise

*Bugsy* with Warren Beatty


Message was edited by: lzcutter

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A favorite Nevada lyric, written for the film 42nd Street:


"When she knows as much as we know, she'll be on her way to Reno

While he still has dough...


She'll give him the shuffle,

when they're back from Buffalo."

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I'll suggest *Lost Boundaries 1949*


Stars Mel Ferrer. Interesting film about a black doctor and his family who reluctantly pass for white so he can gain proper employment. They settle in New Hampshire. It's based on a true story. TCM showed this a few years ago.

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One more for New Hampshire? *Affliction* (1997). And, since New Jersey is so important in film history, how about:


*Monkeyshines No.1* (1890) First movie made in America?



*Dickson Greeting* (1891) First movie made in America for the general public?



*The Killers* (1946), of course, and then *The King Of Marvin Gardens* (1972).

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*"If we're on New Jersey now...."* - mr6666


I vote for *Edison, The Man* (Menlo Park, New Jersey)


(but for a certain Margaret O'Brien fan there's *Bad Littel Angel* (Egypt, New Jersey) )


Kyle In Hollywood

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My favorite New Jersey movies are THE HAPPY YEARS, a totally charming film which takes place at the Lawrenceville, NJ prep school and other parts of the state; and WILSON, a good chunk of which takes place during Woodrow Wilson's New Jersey days as President of Princeton and as Governor of NJ.

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Two films I really like which purport to take place in New Jersey for some part of the action:


Cheaper by the Dozen - 1950 (Montclair)

Ball of Fire (Rancocas)


Since it's a musical remake of Ball of Fire I think A Song Is Born also uses the Rancocas, NJ locale.



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