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50 States 50 Great Movies?

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Please excuse me; I have many favorite NM movies. I'm also curious about what others consider the greatest ones. IMO:


Greatest New Mexican movies: *Salt Of The Earth* (1954) and *Ace In The Hole* (1951)


Runners-up: *The Gunfighter* (1950), *Pursued* (1947), *The Man From Laramie* (1955), *The Milagro Beanfield War* (1988), *Four Faces West* (1948), *Lonely Are The Brave* (1962), *The Leopard Man* (1943), *The Harvey Girls* (1946), *Them!* (1954), *Hondo* (1953)


Honorable mention: *House Made Of Dawn* (1972), *Ride The Pink Horse* (1947), *Red Sky at Morning* (1971), *The Man Who Fell To Earth* (1976), *Flap* (1970), *The Honkers* (1972)


Best of the many Billy the Kid / Lincoln County War movies: *Billy The Kid* (1930), *The Left Handed Gun* (1958), *Chisum* (1970), *Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid* (1973) Strangest: *The Outlaw* (1943)

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Hey, not so fast! This is about naming one's favorite state movies, not making lists of all the movies that took place in a state, right?



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I've been waiting and waiting for New York to be the 'chosen one' and then "poof!" it's passed? Sorry, but I can't let it go by without mentioning my favorites:



Love with the Proper Stranger

The Naked City

The World of Henry Orient


All of these movies should list NYC as one of the stars.


And just so I don't leave out the rest of the state:


Niagara (One of the few color noirs I like)



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*The Purchase Price 1932* with Barbara Stanwyck.


Okay maybe it's not great but I've had this one in mind for North Dakota and I can't think of another one right now. It's a pretty enjoyable early Stanwyck film.

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...and I'll post on Ohio and then get out of the way.


*The Fortune Cookie*


"During a Cleveland Browns--Minnesota Vikings football game in Cleveland, CBS-TV cameraman Harry Hinkle is sent sprawling when a 220-pound halfback crashes into him at the sidelines."


and one more for "Cleveland"

*American Hot Wax*


"This is the true story of Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed, who introduced rock'n'roll to teenage American radio audiences in the 1950's."


Kyle In Hollywood

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*"It's hard to believe that there aren't any better movies that take place there."*


I know that the "Hollywood, My Hometown" piece about *A Christmas Story" is all about that movie being filmed there but I can't verify that Cleveland - or another city in Ohio - is the "setting" for the film. Anyone else know?


Kyle In Hollywood

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nightwalker's right--*A Christmas Story* is set in Hohman, Indiana. The house exteriors and the scenes inside and outside of Higbee's Department Store were filmed in Cleveland.


I think that Cleveland gets a bad rap on tv and film. 3 contemporary films set in Cleveland--*American Splendor* (about Cleveland cartoonist Harvey Pekar), *Light of Day* starring Michael J. Fox, and *Welcome to Collinwood* were all filmed on location here but showed only the industrial, run-down parts of the town. We do have TREES here! And a beautiful lakeshore! And beautiful architecture!


Chef Anthony Bourdain shot an episode of his tv show, No Reservations in Cleveland, and while he had good things to say about the food, again, many of the establishing shots were of a wintry grey industrial landscape.


What major city DOESN"T have some run-down areas AND some well-kept areas? I'm bitter.


Sandy K

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> {quote:title=sandykaypax wrote:}{quote}


> What major city DOESN"T have some run-down areas AND some well-kept areas? I'm bitter.


Don't let it get you down, Sandy.


Parts of THE DEER HUNTER were filmed in Ohio and even in Cleveland. I didn't think those areas looked bad at all.

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scsu1975 wrote:

Wasn't The Best Years of Our Lives partially filmed in Cincinnati?


>IMDB lists several filming locations for the movie, but they're all in California.


I just checked the soundtrack album (yes, vinyl) notes, written by Royal S. Brown. He says some of the location photography was in Cincinnati, but does not give specifics ... that must have been where I read it.

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I guess, unless some of the budget sheets or other info from the film turn up, we'll never know for sure.


My guess is that if some scenes were filmed there, it's some of the establishing shots at the beginning of the movie showing "Boone City" as the three vets return home.

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