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For me this site is the weepy mess. I/ve had problems posting almost everyday for 3 weeks.


I've seen *The Big Street* at least 3x over the years. The first time I hated it. The 2nd time I thought is was not the worst film I've seen and this last time I thought it was bearable. I wanted to like the film so much because of the great cast.


I would like to pass the thread to flash if he wants it, since he started the ball rolling with Damon Runyon.

Again, cujas, your clues were so well thought out and so well written it was a pleasure to answer the question. ;)

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With very, very bad movies and some impressive names involved being the fad of the moment, I'll post one that may go down quickly. I ran across it on a Premium channel a month or so back, stayed with it just to see how bad it could get. In that respect, it impressed me.


1990s. A pair of comely twin sisters (on screen and in real life) want husbands. Each claims (falsely) to be pregnent, and their doting Daddy brings on two shotgun weddings.


These actress sisters each have an imdb naming this film and no others. The two reluctant grooms: One has an Oscar nomination, the other has a Golden Globe. The father has two Oscars in his past. An actress playing an investigating Fed also has an Oscar in her past


With that start, the plot starts getting wilder. Maybe this is enough to close the question and let someone else take over her.


Film? Any of the actors?

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The dad is also the Warden of the local prison. One of the sons-in-law pulls a robbery trying to get funds to get away from the old man. Gets arrested, winds up in the old man's prison. The other bridegroom was an accomplice. He goes in too. A scene with cattle prods.


Canadian. Rural filming locations.

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(68,034) Getting some Views, no guesses.

The pistol-packing Fed on the case is not dealing with the robber / convicts, but is after the Warden and some local law-enforcement types running a rural crime fiefdom.


This actress received her Oscar playing the role of a prostitute who had a Greek Chorus telling her story.

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Correct at just past 220 Views. Marlon Brando's third-from-the-last film. The preceding question had been about a very, very bad movie, and that made me think of this one.


Myra Servino, also an Oscar winner, played the Fed. officer. Donald Sutherland also had a key role.


The two trapped sons-in-law: Thomas Hayden Church (Oscar-nominated for another film) was one. The other was Charlie Sheen (billed as "Charles"; here in his post-Heidi period) was the other. His dad Martin also had a role. There were a couple of other familiar names.


The twin mantraps were played by real-life twins Holly and Liv Watson. I found no other credits for either of them.


But to repeat and stress: A very bad film, that nonetheless had some good names on board. Sometimes it happens that way.

allaboutlana's thread.



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This patriotic wartime yarn was the starring debut of a beautiful 40's leading lady. Ironically it was also the featured debut of her future husband. However, her romantic interest in the movie was a legendary swashbuckling movie star.

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1) Z (1969)---Yves Montand/Irene Pappas


2) Phffft (1954)--Jack Lemmon/Judy Holliday


3) S*P*Y*S (1974) -- Donald Sutherland


4) 1900 (1976)---Robert De Niro/ Gerald Depardieu


5) M (1931)---Peter Lorre


6) R.P.M (1970)---Anthony Quinn/ Ann Margret


Edited by: mudskipper on Aug 25, 2012 1:57 PM

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