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1) Gene Autry--California Angels


2) Danny Kaye -- Seattle Mariners


3) Bing Crosby - Pittsburgh Pirates


4) Burt Reynolds - Tampa Bay Bucanners


5) Will Smith - Philadelphia 76ers


6) Jennifer Lopez - Miami Dolphins

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OK, here's one that I'll bet not even finance knows the answer to. What former Hollywood movie star wrote the lyrics to a football team's well known fight song? It was written in the 1930's and is still the team's fight song to this day.

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The "Maine Stein Song", the fight song of The University of Maine, was composed by Adelbert Sprague in 1902 from an old German march titled "Opie" by E.A. Fenstad. The lyrics were originally written by Sprague's roommate, Lincoln Colcord.

Rudy Vallee, who was a U of Maine student in 1921 and 1922, wrote the current version of the song and introduced an up tempo version to the public in 1929 on the Fleischman Radio Hour....Here's a version from You Tube:



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Thanks for the info, muddy, but the song I referred to was written in the late 1930's. The lyrics, as I stated, were written by a FORMER movie star. Rudy Vallee was still very active througout the 1930's. Oh, and one more thing, it was for a professional football team. That might be kind of a giveaway clue.

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That's right. Beautiful silent screen leading lady Corinne Griffith made her last movie in 1932. A few years later, she married George Preston Marshall, the owner of the Washington Redskins. He wanted a college type atmosphere at the games, so he formed a band and asked the bandleader, Barnee Breeskin, to compose a fight song. He used the old song "Yes, Jesus Loves You" as the basis. Corinne Griffith supplied the words, which have changed a bit over the years. She also wrote several books, including "Papa's Delicate Condition", which was based upon her own family when she was growing up. It was made into a movie with Jackie Gleason. Here is more about the fight song.




Now, finance, you learned something new today about sports. Now you get to ask the next question.

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Yes, I do.


Oh, are you referring to the 1940 NFL championship game where the Chicago Bears beat the Redskins 73-0 ? Here's a little excerpt from Wikipedia:


{font:sans-serif}Washington had defeated Chicago 7-3 in a regular season game three weeks earlier. After the contest, Redskins owner {font}[George Preston Marshall|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Preston_Marshall|George Preston Marshall]{font:sans-serif} told reporters that the Bears were crybabies and quitters when the going got tough. As the Bears prepared for the rematch, Chicago head coach {font}[George Halas|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Halas|George Halas]{font:sans-serif} fired up his team by showing them newspaper articles of Marshall's comments.


You can't get much more dubious than that!

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