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YES. *The World of Henry Orient* Ben M has said that in his intro to the film and I've read that. I love this film, but I would have thought *The Sting* would have been it. Just watched my tape of Henry this afternoon. The NY locations shots are so great. Such a good, good film. I'm also partial to it because I saw the film in a movie theater first run when I was about 10.


Thanks everyone for the guesses and mr 6 for sticking with it :), it's your thread mr6

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We're waiting on Mr. 6 on a number of threads. While we're waiting, and since this is GENERAL Trivia, What was it that finally led police to catch the Son of Sam serial killer in 1977? Be as specific as possible.


Edited by: finance on Nov 23, 2013 4:01 PM

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Berkowitz was caught after receiving a parking ticket near and at the time and place of the Moskowitz murder. Along with letters he wrote to Carr and the Cassaras, his military back - ground, his appearance, and an arson incident, that evidence led police to his door. When he was arrested he immediately surrendered to police and identified himself as Sam. It was determined that he could stand trial in which he pled not guilty and received a 365-year sentence.


finance.. I see you have just turned forty. Congratulations.

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The question could have been connected to a film like Son of Sam.

Just don't want a trend to start of changing anyone's thread.Not sure how pleased anyone here would have been if they invented a thread for games & trivia and someone just decided to just change it. Maybe start your own Off topic thread, they're always welcome on the discussion threads. Sure someone probably would have answered. Thanks.

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