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Ok, here?s an odd one.


What is the big fancy word that Big Daddy kept using in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" that some people in the audience have to look up in a dictionary to understand it?s meaning?

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I'll try one which should retire quickly:


Aside from numbers in the titles, what do the following films have in common?


The Magnificent Seven

2 Minds For Murder

Four For Texas

The Dirty Dozen

The Magnificent Three

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The following is voice-over narration, not dialogue:


"Some people lose their faith because Heaven shows them too little. How many lose it because

Heaven shows them too much?"



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Rich (can I call you that)


That's not the answer I had in mind. I would like a few more tries, if that's ok. Sanders was a knight in Ivanhoe, is that right? And a nazi in Man Hunt And I take it a General in Monte Cristo. But what kind of General? I don't want General to be used in a generic sense, I'm talking about an actual General, the title.


To repeat the question:


*He played a knight, a Nazi, and a General. Who is he.*


Rich, thank you for your indulgence. Let me have a few more stabs.

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Yes, you can call me Rich.


No problem, let's get a few more guesses for this one.


Ah, I just figured out who it probably is, but I'll wait.


Message was edited by: scsu1975

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No, if you think you have it, please let on. That's not what I meant. Any one person can try as many times as they want. When I say I want more replies, that means you too. So please, fire away ...

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No, that's not it. Prince Valiant was technically a Prince and not a Knight although he became associated with knights. Do I have that right? Also, in the other movie he was a referred to as a Field Marshall, not a General. So can I justify a no based on that? I am sensitive, however, to any answer that might be correct but not count simply because it happens not to be the one I'm thinking of. But despite your very good answers, let's keep going with this.


I'm rephrasing the question to narrow it down a bit.


*He played a knight, an American General, and an ex-Nazi. Who is he and what are the movies?*


This might be a better way of putting it. Maybe this should have been the original question. Also, to allay any suspicions that this may be some obscure nobody, l don't mind adding that he is/was extremely famous.



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