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No, I'm looking for much more colorful (and amusing) nicknames than those. Hints:( for Milton Berle's nickname------Sabu.) ( for Marni Nixon's nickname-------Elsa Maxwell)


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There are a number of films that were given the same title as an earlier film, even though the subject matter is entirely different (e.g.,HEAVEN CAN WAIT, Warren Beatty version and earlier Don Ameche version). Two reasonably well-known films wre made within 12 years of one another, one in the late thirties, and one in the late forties, with the same title, even though the two movies have nothing in common. What was the title?

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The 5 I was thinking of were totally different from the ones on your list, some of which I've never heard of. My 5 were LAURA, CLAUDIA, CYNTHIA, VICKI, and JULIE. This must have been a lousy question. Back to you. It feels as if we are playing tennis.

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This Oscar-winning actress, who lived with James Dalton from 1914 until his death, had contemplated suicide on the very night that her good friend, a famous screenwriter, called her about making a movie. This actress credited her future good fortune to her friend.


Name the actress. (The movie?s not important.)



(For finance, Diane stars Lana Turner, Ivy - Joan Fontaine, Kitty ? Paulette Goddard, Lydia ? Merle Oberon. The rest you probably know.)

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Though never so much as nominated for an Academy Award, this actor was quoted as saying, ?Orson Welles lists *Citizen Kane* as his best film, Alfred Hitchcock opts for *Shadow of a Doubt* and Sir Carol Reed chose *The Third Man* - and I?m in all three.?


The only award he won was a foreign award for a performance in another of his many classic films.


Name the actor and the film he won an acting award for?

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I'm a really big fan of Joseph Cotten :)



This academy award winning actor made his breakthrough to major roles with his portrayal of the titular character in a 1940 film. According to a technical consultant for the film who had personally known the man the film was based on the actor not only resembled the man he was portraying, he also spoke like him and had many of his mannerisms. In 1972 the actor even converted to the same religion of the man he had portrayed 32 years earlier and 140 years after the character's own conversion. Name the actor and the title of the film/the man he portrayed.


Good luck :)

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