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> Identify the movie (source) and the ironic meaning of the phrase:


> "New York's Finest Taxi Service"


In 1995's The Usual Suspects, the character "Verbal Kent" (Kevin Spacey) weaves a long, elaborate story to explain a massive gunbattle that had taken place at the docks. As part of the

story he explains that "New York's finest taxi service" is a criminal enterprise run by crooked police officers. For a price, cops provide a safe and secure way for high-level criminals to meet and talk serious business. The wise guys are picked up by a patrol car, and are driven around

the city while they have their powwow in complete security.


It is made to sound plausable,but the ending seems to indicate that everything Verbal says in that interrogation is a lie from start to finish


Let's try another one.


The phrase, "You Princes Of New England"


Source and meaning?

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Do you mean, "Goodnight, you Princes of Maine, you Kings of New England,? from The Cider House Rules that Dr Larch sang every night to the children because Maine was the thier only home, or something like that.

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Very good, mr6666!!! Coincidentally, I watched a double feature I had DVRd, one being

"The 7th Victim" with H. Beaumont and the second movie was "Angels in the Outfield"

(1951) in which Barb.Billingsley played an uncredited hat-check girl. (June & Ward :)


Your turn next?

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Mr 6666


It's been a few days--thought this would bump the thread up a little and maybe get you a complete answer--Just checking in--since my answer was only half right--


I have a question to pose...but did not want to jump in yet if you are still waiting for a reply from a more reliable (and better qualified--I am sure) source. :-)

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