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I didn't know Donna Reed replaced Barbara Bell Geddes in Dallas. All things being equal, I would have picked Nancy Olson. They look like each other's clone...




This actor, who appeared in two Alfred Hitchcock movies, was the first flight instructor in the U.S. and is a godson of Orville Wright. Name the actor and the two Hitchcock films he was in.

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Considering this American actor's background it would have been impossible to guess that he would have chosen a career on the stage and screen. Among his ancestors there were settlers, governors, and other politicians of the state where he was born and raised. This wealthy and well-educated actor also played supporting and character roles that were his polar opposite. Not only was this man an actor he was also a political cartoonist and conservationist/preservationist and one of these links him to the inspiration of something that is featured prominently in the film "Citizen Kane". Name the actor and what link's him to Orson Welles's masterpiece.

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Marilyn Novak became Kim Novak when she began her film career. However, the studio had suggested another stage name for her. That name was used as a name of one of Kim's characters later in her career. What was the name, and where did she play that character?

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You must be getting awfully tired if you're waiting for me. Speaking of vamping, here's one that you might like. Universal's famous monsters, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Frankenstein Monster, and The Mummy were all played at one time or another by the same actor. You probably know who that is. Can you name the actor and at least one movie for each of the four monsters that he played? (He played some of those characters in several movies, but one each will do.)

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For better or worse, you certainly know me.


Lon Chaney, Jr.


"The Mummy's Tomb"--the mummy

"The Ghost of Frankenstein"--the monster

"Son of Dracula"--Count Alucard


and "The Wolfman"--aka Larry Talbot


Vamp when ready--

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In honor of Liza's upcoming interview on TCM this one'll be about Judy.


In Judy's first appearance on film she sings "La Cucaracha" with her sisters. Well, the Gumms are there, but Little Judy does all the singing and in Spanish yet!


Judy is shown entertaining top movie stars poolside--Clark Gable, Errol Flynn and Cary Grant.


Each star is shown with his significant other, spouse and or live-in friend. Can you give one of each for the 3 stars. Remember the date is 1936 and you know all you need to know.

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There is a thread in another forum called "Rock and Roll Movies".


(1) Name the man who is given credit for first applying the term "rock and roll" to this type of music.

(2) What is the song which contained the term "rock and roll", from which this man appropriated the term.

(3) Name five "rock and roll" movies in which this man appeared.


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