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You're Sick. Which Movie Do You Want?

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You're not so sick that you feel like you're going to throw up or anything like that. You are only so sick that you have to stay in bed and be bored. Which of these movies do you reach for........


1) "Laura"


2) "My Fair Lady"


3) "It Happened One Night"


4) "All About Eve"


5) "Gone With The Wind"


6) "Roman Holiday"


It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks! For me it depends on moods! But I would most likely reach for "It Happened One Night" or "Roman Holiday".

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I was on a Roman Holiday with My Fair Lady Laura when It Happened One Night. The night was All About Eve, my other uh Fair Lady. Needless to say, both Laura and Eve are now Gone With The Wind. So to displace my guilt I watched Mae West in "She Done Him Wrong"...

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From your list I would have to choose "My Fair Lady" for laughs. (That is, if I'm able to laugh) Can't get enough of Eliza's screaming and Professor Higgins complaining "Why can't the English learn to speak?".


Cinemajestic, how were you able to get "The Nanny"? I know it's available in region 2 but I'm crossing my fingers for a release here in the US.

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Hello Metsfan


Fox video released the "Nanny" on VHS. Also Fox will release the "Centenary Celebration Collection: Bette Davis" on April 8th. The five films included are:


The Nanny

Virgin Queen

Phone Call From A Stranger

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte

All About Eve

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That's right, I forgot about the vhs. How stupid of me! Thank you very much for the info. I haven't seen the movie in a long time but it's certainly one of my favorites of her. Which title are you missing from your extensive collection?

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This is a neat thread

When I am sick with a cold or something I have a special MST3K vhs tape that I have with 8 hours (Four 2 Hour shows) of Robert Lippert titles from Season 2 with Joel. I never have to leave the couch or bed, I just play the tape fall in and out of sleep, make tea or soup and just relax..

Last year I thought I was going to puke the day after Christmas after eating a stale Suzy Q (dont ask), which after about 4 Pepto Bismols I fought it off.

I wound up watching the Indiana Jones trilogy..Depending on the illness, I suppose if I am mobile Ill play a long movie :)

I guess it depends on the illness, but since your thread is sick and bored in bed, its my special MST tape for me..the movies are Rocketship XM, Jungle Goddess, Lost Continent and King Dinosaur

I really enjoy these episodes. I used to watch this tape on a day I just wanted to go home and lie down like I was in a coma or something :):)

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Metsfan, there is software out there that will "rip" a dvd into your computer as a "DVD File", and then, if you have burning software, Nero or Roxio, you can "back-up" onto a blank disc, the region 2 movie as region 1. It's all in the "ripping software". You have to make sure you get the right stuff before you buy. I don't have the burning software, but I have the "ripper" so I know it's do-able.

But more importantly, and way off topic, lets hope Jose plays a 7 month season, right?

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The only movie I need to complete my collection is "Seed" from 1931. I've never even seen it listed on tv and someone did tell me a print exists but TCM does not have it in it's library. I keep checking ebay and amazon to no avail. But half the fun is search etc. and I'm proud to have 99.9% of her films. Her early 30s films are my least favorite but I'd still like to have it to be complete. I only seriously collect films from three actresses and the other two are Jennifer Jones (got all 24 of hers) and Gene Tierney (have about 75%). I hope you get "The Nanny" and I'm not sure if Fox is releasing each title separately or not. If they are not and you don't get the boxed set I'd be happy to mail you my VHS store bought copy of "The Nanny".


Message was edited by: cinemajestic

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I searched "Seed" on imdb and it's owned by Universal. I'm surprised it hasn't been shown on tv but maybe we'll be able to see it on TCM one day. John Boles also appears in this so it should be nice. Your ability to track down all those films from your favorite actresses is quite impressive! I don't even want to ask how long it took you to acquire them. Thanks so much for your kind offer but I couldn't accept unless it was a trade and I was able to give you a film you need. Which one is your favorite movie of Bette?


Mickee, I just hope Beltran can play that far. His knees are really bad. I'm not worried about Jose and I've seen an attitude change which is a positive from last year.


HHH, lately I've been watching a few episodes of MST3K and it's really funny but I can't stand watching the beginning or the intermission. I only like to hear them talking when watching the films.

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hey iloveraymilland!!!


i only love sick days because i can watch my old movies too. they make me feel ever so much better!


pillow to post


random harvest


third finger, left hand


rachel and the stranger


presenting lily mars


many rivers to cross


ball of fire



i have to watch a lot of funny ones to get me laughing, but ill end up laughing too much, so i then put on a dramatic romance sappy movie to calm me down and rest to, but then ill probably start crying to the sappiness, so ill put on a nother funny movie. its an interesting cycle, but it works for me. heehee!

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I was actually sick this week (weird huh?) I had to comfort myself with movies around the house.


The movies I watched are as follows:


"Pillow Talk"

"All About Eve" (I actually haven't seen it in a while so I put it in.)

"Persuasion" (A PBS Masterpiece Theatre movie)

"Arsenic And Old Lace"

"Mr. And Mrs. Smith"

"To Be Or Not To Be"

I started "The Talk Of The Town"

"My Fair Lady"

"The Night Of The Hunter"

"Swing Time"

And others I just can't remember them.


It's funny that I didn't watch my designated sick movies ( "It Happened One Night", "Roman Holiday") Oh, Well!

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