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What movies do you watch when youre down in the dumps


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"Man In Possession" with Irene Purcell and Robert Montgomery. I'm not sure I could even begin to explain why, even to myself. On the surface, it appears to be a romantic comedy. At the very end, it's as if the cat is "let out of the bag"-these two people are fighting the odds, their own natures, the world, to attain happiness, or at least peace of mind or security, in life. They've both gone with the tide, taken the easiest way, or at least the only way that they thought they could, to get those things. They've both tried to stay true to themselves on some level, not totally sell out. I don't want to give it away if someone here hasn't seen it, but the ending, to me, just changes the film from a light frothy romance into something deeper and completely different. It's almost motivational, but it's so well done that it's not the least "preachy". Perhaps it's even only me who sees this in it, I don't know. But I do, and I love watching it when I'm feeling a bit blue and blase and fatalistic about things.

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Actually, there are a quite a few films along the same lines from that era-they all genrally have the requisite happy ending, but it's also just ambiguous enough that it doesn't make me disgusted with them (which is how I would feel at such perfect cheeriness and unambiguous perfection at such a time). The people have problems, but they grasp the nettle and twist and form life, as much as is possible, to their own shaping, with style and grace and wit, but not any chirpiness which would just annoy me at times like that (other times, I like chirpy cheeriness in movies). I'm thinking of Norma Shearer in "The Last Of Mrs Cheney", Norma and Robert Montgomery in "Private Lives", particularly. They recognise that they made their choices, and the piper must be paid--but they find a way to pay him, and they do it with grace and awareness.

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