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If you could pick 3 movies as Essentials Night, what would they be ?

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I would definatly pick " Oh God ", which I think is very under rated. George Burns and John Denver and Terri Garr are great in this, but the story is even greater. A huge bouncer that was in Vietnam called " Tiny " ( of course ) liked the religious message in this and so do I. Some of the ministers at the time hated this movie but when you see the movie, you can see why. It shows the money game of ministries. It also shows the insanity of 911 and religions fighting each other, even in the case of Rev Wrights hate. Its all here in this movie from the 1970s. That God comes to John Denver as George Burns because if he came to him any other way his mind couldn't handle it. When God becomes an African American woman in the store as John Denver tries to show God to somebody to show he isn't crazy, John Denver stops and yet as Burns or the black woman, God is still God. The ministers ask John Denver to have God take a test to prove God is God. When asked if Jesus is his son, God says Jesus was my son, Moses was my son, the man that had no room at the inn was my son and the man that charges too much money in this inn is my son. ......When asked what religion God belongs to, God says he doesn't belong to any one religion. ( and I think that clears up which religion is right or wrong ). In the end, God says if you have a hard time believing in me, maybe it would help if you know that I believe in you. The movie ends with God going off to spend time with the other animals he created. He says to take care of the planet, its ours but its fragile. ....Very good thoughts and messages and I think George Burns wasn't insulting of God. I think the very old George Burns was a good fit for this part. ....There really is alot in this movie if people take the time to watch it. Its about one God, not many religions. And its a very important movie and we could avoid 911s if more people watched it.


Another movie that is an essential is "The Pride Of The Yankees" because of Gary Cooper and Babe Ruth and everybody in Yankee Stadium duplicating the Lou Gehrig speech at the end.

" Today I'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth ". Then he fades away into the dugout as he faded away in real life. The umpire yells " Play Ball ", another game, another season, turn, there is a season, turn. This movie is important because watching it should give people the courage to face their own problems in stride as Gehrig did, and it is played so well by Cooper.


But then there should be comedy. I'm tempted to say " The Road To Utopia " which I think is the funniest of the Hope / Crosby movies and very under rated. But for an Essential, how about " DUCK SOUP ". The leaders and dictators have the mentality of Grovcho, Chico and Harpo, yet everybody is quick to run into a war just because these nuts say so. The Hi Dee Hi Dee Ho dance catches the masses playing follow the leader. Yet it doesn't bog down in politics too much, giving us some of the best Groucho insults ever and the much immitated mirror scene. When Rufus T Firefly is in charge, even war is funny. Groucho, Harpo and Chico at their best, thanks to the same director that did the Laurel and Hardy movies. Alot of sight gags and good belly laughs in this one. .......still, a close second is Bing calling Hope "Junior" and Dorthey Lamore is "Mens Work". The gold rush in Alaska is a perfect way for them to keep running con games on each other throughout the entire movie. Hope does finaly get Dorothy Lamore in this one, except all his kids look like Bing.

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