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Predix of nominees for 76th Annual ACADEMY AWARDS???

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(*-Indicates ACADEMY AWARD Winner) I must first of all

state a couple of bits here. I know you TCM fans are the best/mt. summit of the net when it comes to all-time cinema & anything attached to it & I also by far adore Hollywoods Golden Age more than todays movies. But, I still like say Mr. Leonard Maltin for instance, review & predict the annual OSCAR noms. & of course the final winners-(personally I enjoy doing the former more) & for those of whom already have a sub. to TCM's "Now Playing," you'll know what i mean. But for others, you can get a FREE copy of it at Barnes & Noble/Borders,etc I say this because I just got the annual "31 Days of OSCAR," via reg. mail of course. & I know some are thinking it's a month earlier, well the ACADEMY is holding the OSCARS 1 mo. earlier this yr. & next as well. (Plus you should check out this sites marvelous OSCAR calendar & vote,etc It's pretty neat) Now onto this, my 22nd yr. in forecasting the nominees-(only 2 weeks from today. If you like, given Mr. 0sborne seems to not even want to participate in these forums anymore & he wrote the ultimate book-"70yrs. of OSCAR!" Go figfure? You can hold me to these & save 'em. I also now write for a couple other sites if you'd like more info. I generally avg. 1 nod. per category incorrect) & these are not particularly my favs. of the moviegoing year


My predictions of frontrunners for nominations for: THE 76th ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS (major categories only)


By "THE OSCAR-ORACLE">Variety.com) 2003 OSCARS





"COLD MOUNTAIN" (NOTE: I forecast this to lead the field with most overall noms. with 12)




"SEABISCUIT"-(NOTE: My personal favorite of 03)



RUSSELL CROWE in "Master and Commander"

SIR BEN KINGSLEY, "House of Sand and Fog"-(deserves it)

JUDE LAW, "Cold Mountain"

BILL MURRAY, "Lost in Translation"-(I know it looks silly, but it's handicapping & he's won most of the Pre-ACADEMY Critics Awards!?)

SEAN PENN in "Mystic River"-(will likely win)



JENNIFER CONNELLY in "House of Sand and Fog"

DIANE KEATON, "Something's Gotta Give"

NICOLE KIDMAN, "Cold Mountain"

CHARLIZE THERON, "Monster"-(will win!)

NAOMI WATTS in "21 Grams"



BENICIO DEL TORO in "21 Grams"

ALBERT FINNEY, "Big Fish"-(his 6th attempt?)

WILLIAM H. MACY, "Seabiscuit"

TIM ROBBINS, "Mystic River"

KEN WATANABE in "The Last Samurai"



SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO in "House of Sand and Fog"


HOLLY HUNTER, "Thirteen"

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, "Lost in Translation"

RENEE ZELLWEGER in "Cold Mountain"-(almost a lock to win & on her 3rd consecutive nomination!)



SOFIA COPPOLA for "Lost in Translation"

CLINT EASTWOOD, "Mystic River"

PETER JACKSON, "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King"-(he will likely win for filming all 3 epics simultaneously!)

JIM SHERIDAN, "In America"

PETER WEIR for "Master and Commander"


(P.S. for those whom may not know. BP & BD contenders rarely match up. Last time they did was 1981)

Thank You & if you have any comments drop me a line

I am also writing with a fellow OSCAR-pundit, but he also loves Hollywoods Golden Age as well. Mr. Scott Feinberg, he has even appeared on his local tv affilliate in CT predicting the annual OSCARS & is at present writing a massive book on cinema history as well! Mr. Feinberg is also developing his own site at present & was among the winners in the above cited Variety contest. He's among us other pundits & columnists' at>oscartalk Come check us out & we have a FREE online newsletter as well. Mr. Joshua Lawson is main editor of the site! See ya'







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Spencer your Oscar nomination predictions are reminiscent to the listings I read in "Entertainment Weekly" and some other magazines and mewspapers. Most of they seem to have it down pat all in a similar mold.

I was wondering about "The Station Agent" with Patricia Clarkson (who is also hot in another film in contention) and little man Peter Dinklage. Any chance of nominations?

Also the cast of "The Magdalene Sisters" a powerful film that got good notices?

In any event the Academy always comes up with some surprise nominations. We'll wait and see.



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Spencer the name of the other film that Patricia Clarkson is getting raves for is "Pieces of April".

Also Marcia Gay Harden and Kevin Bacon for "Mystic River". How about Alec Baldwin getting good buzz for his role in "The Cooler"?



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Hey you wonderful cinephiles!!! 1st of all, thanks much for replies & to me pal (mypalspencer-A BIG THANKS AS USUAL!!!) & I just reviewed a new flick last evening-(It was the Irish in me I reckon') Jim Sheridan of "My Left Foot" & "In the Name of the Father" both of which he was up for Best Director for & as you can see I predict he will again-(he may well take home Best 0riginal-Screenplay though for it? The ACADEMY is sentimental & he wrote the lil' film with his 2 children as well!) It's a nice little movie that does not have to always have car-crashes, explosions,etc I gave it a (***1/2-out of 4) I rarely give a new flick the full 4-stars & especially with each passing year? To mongo as well, many-("EW" was cited & they did forecast: Patricia Clarkson to win her 1st shot at the gold. It's a lil' tougher year than most.)

& someone also was pretty-much on the ball citing & I always forget the lil' guys' name, from "Station Agent?"

Matter of fact, he threw some of us pundits off when SAG noms. nominated him for that exact flick!? Problem being, it may be too-small of a film all-around for the BIGGIE?

Maybe, emphasis on the word MAYBE? P. Clarkson is mostly being mentioned for that & more-over: "Pieces of April"

Just remember though guys & gals, these are not my personal pix, but attempting to outguess the A.M.P.A.S. & It's some: 5,800 plus voters. For those of whom may not know. OSCAR rules & they are a very-uptight group. Just to join-(become a voting member & get a card, you 1st must have 2 sponsors already members of the ACADEMY. & then the alledgedly coinduct an interview with said individual that has been compared to the 3rd degreee! The youngest member on Board of Governing com. is: James Woods-(1947-)? & as far as voting-(I know a few of whom think they should vote 4 final winners in this same way, more accurate maybe?) You can only nominate in your field-(Costumers cite top 5 for the yr. in their opinion anyway) & Actors-(largest voting block) can only nominate fellow thespians. But all can select each person's top 5 fav. flix of the year, to be nominated for the biggie. However, in the final OSCARS everyone pix in all categories. Imagine what is destined to be the largest & saddest annual OSCAR death roll this yr. will be like??? (P.S. I write for soo-many other sites, but always feel more at ease & home here & I thank you J.S.)

Check out the cool/neat TCM OSCAR voting section. It seems not many have participated, to date anyway? & for those of whom get "Now Playing" I may do a post in reply to Mr. 0sborne's OSBO's day-(where he only shows what he thought really deserved to win!)

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To mongo, you've hitten an excellent point in regard to Alec Baldwin-(1958-) Though I am no fan of any of the 4 Baldwin Bros. He is probably exceptional in "The Cooler"-(my co-pundit & pal Mr. Feinberg just saw that 1 last night & confirmed such) By the way, he's a huge fan of these forums & of course this network as well-(thats how we made contact!) & Baldwin has won some of the awards leading up to OSCAR noms. & he's another up for the SAG-Award! He's the major & possible revision I would cite-(S. ACTOR) & momentum is ever so swift this time of yr. Finney is not as much a shoo-=in as we all had thought-(I'M STILL SRTICKING WITH THE GRAND THESPIAN BEING NOMINATED, FOR NOW ANYWAY-but his is the slot Baldwin would fill!?) SAG was on the ball with my personal fav. character & performance in "Seabiscuit" Chris Cooper!

He reminded & even sounded like the late great: Richard Farnsworth in it. Macy may just earn his 2nd nod. because of all his work since "Fargo" in '96? By the way, his is the only character not in the novel. As usual THANKS!

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It is I again & as previously noted, this time of the OSCAR season things are a' poppin' & changing/momentum-wise, to lift the legendary line from *"The Apartment!"

Matter of fact just a few minutes ago-(more handicapping due to Pre-OSCAR Awards. Not the now too-many I spoke of, but the important awards that always assist any OSCAR-pundit. & PGA awarded: "LOR-ROTK," the biggie. Only majors left: Golden Globes. Which are almost as old as the A.M.P.A.S. itself. They started in 1943) So I must keep my fav. folks up to the minute & these, you can hold me to!!! By the way for those keeping score. These 76th Annual OSCAR noms. are only 1 week away now-(Tuesday the 27th)


BEST FILM-(same)




JOHNNY DEPP in "Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl"-(I know it also may seem silly, but the guy has been around for quite some time & has yet to win a nod. My fav. role of his: 1994's "Ed Wood!")



SEAN PENN-(will likely win, even if he does not care!?)





CHARLIZE THERON-(will win & in a walk!!!)


& EVAN RACHEL WOOD in "Thirteen"-(REVISED)-(NOTE: ACADEMY Trivia: If this young actress is up 4 leading actress, she will hold the record for youngest ever nominated in that category, at only 17!)



ALEC BALDWIN in "The Cooler"-(REVISION & the role mongo spoke of. Sadly in the slot the grand thespian Finney may have filled, but he's lost momentum?)



TIM ROBBINS-(now if Finney is out??? Robbins was up for the gold before. But for directing his wife *S. Sarandon to her only victory in '95's "Dead Man Walking")






(also no revisions/same as prior predix)


(P.S. For those of us of whom love movie-music. I always like to include my predix for BEST ORIGINAL-SCORE:

"COLD MOUNTAIN" (Gabriel Yared)

"FINDING NEMO" (Thomas Newman)-(this deserves to be up for the biggie)


"LOR-ROTK" (Howard Shore)

"SEABISCUIT" (Randy Newman)>A lot of this audience will know this, but both Thomas & *Randy Newman are of the legendary *Newman dynasty! *Alfred Newman-(1901-70) holds the all-time OSCAR record for most wins: 9! There's a David Newman as well, but he's not as yet done much film work: "Hoffa" (1992)is one.


Thank You






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spencer, thanks for your posts! I love to follow the Oscars every year and try to see as many of the nominated films/performances as possible.


Sean Penn turned in an excellent performance in MYSTIC RIVER (when has he ever turned in even a so-so performance?), but for my money, Tim Robbins gave the best performance in that film as a man tortured by his past. I would love to see him honored. Chris Cooper in SEABISCUIT--also fantastic! What a difference from his winning performance in ADAPTATION last year. William H. Macy was entertaining as the race announcer, but I gotta go with Cooper for the best performance in that film as a man of few words. (Not a snub to Toby Maguire and Jeff Bridges who were great, as well.)


Sandy K

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Thanks to all! & I personally agree about *Chris Cooper. He was very similar to the likes of the ol' cowboy types we daily see on TCM,etc. & I believe I noted for those of whom know whom Richard Farnsworth was? He really sounded & even acted just like him in this grand film! Farnsworth started as a stuntman in old Golden Age Hollywood & was actually Harpo Marx's double in '37's "A Day at the Races!" I just think they may cite Macy because of all the film work he's done & he's up for the Golden Globe as well. But Cooper deserves the nod. & I agree, he was even superior to 4 time loser: Jeff Bridges.

& to mongo, I had heard the story quite awhile ago on Murray & given he won virtually every single other Pre-OSCAR Film Award for "Lost in..." They will likely include him, no chance of winning though. & Penn is no fan of the ACADEMY! & again, if I were voting *Sir Ben Kingsley would win, again. However, Penn has the momentum. I don't even think his work in *Eastwood's film was his finest. It's strong, but: "I Am Sam"-(My fav. gal Michelle Pfeiifer was in that 1!!!)/ "Falcon and the Snowman" & "Casualties of War," I would rank as his finest performances. The latter though is a really nasty, tough, but true story, unfortunately! Thank You

(P.S. When I reviewed "MR," last 0ctober I came out & agreed with sandy Tim Robbins stole the ensemble film & he may well also take home the gold, his politics or not?)

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Spencer it looks like "Cold Mountain" was shut out of a few big ones including Best Picture, Actress and Director. However it looks like Jude Law in "Cold Mountain" replaced Russell Crowe. I was glad that Patricia Clarkson finally got a nomination since she has done good work in many other films.

Where did "City of Gold" come from? And who is Keisha Castle-Hughes and Djimon Hounsou?

I must admit that I'm not familiar with some of the nominees at all.

In any event you scored highly with your predictions...as usual.




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