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The Stolen Jools


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I don't know if this has aired on TCM, but it's a "who's who" little bit of nothing from the early thirties.

Information, as in cast....http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0022402/

One of the more fascinating trivia facts? It was a charity item to help raise money to fight tuberculosis. Sponsored by?

You guessed it! Chesterfield Cigarettes. Enjoy.




NY Times Review


Published: April 4, 1931

"The Stolen Jools."


There is on exhibition at most of the cinemas on Broadway a short film called "The Stolen Jools," in which there are said to be fifty-five of Hollywood's celebrities. This subject was made to assist the National Vaudeville Association in swelling its benevolent fund.


It is an amusing piece of work in which Norma Shearer's jewels are supposed to have been stolen and a police inspector in various disguises visits the different screen players who are supposed to have been at a dance where the jewels were missed. Wallace Beery opens the proceedings as a police sergeant and Bert Lytell comes on after the sketch and makes a plea for donations from the audience.


Collections for the N. V. A. charity were made in all the theatres where this picture was on view. At the Capitol the baskets of bills and coins were brought to the stage by dancing girls and emptied into a large receptacle.

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I have it to (most likely in the same dvd set you have). It is cute b/c they used to do things like that a lot back then and you?d get to see a lot of actors together in one thing. Gary?s part is strange though b/c he?s suppose to the be the editor of a newspaper so you would think he?s playing someone other than himself but the other characters in the scene call him ?Cooper?. So I guess he was working at a newspaper on the side ;).

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If you want to go the cheap route they are both available for free download on archive.org. That's were I got my copy of *The Stolen Jools.* I just checked and *Fighting Caravans* is there too. They are both public domain titles.


The *Stolen Jools* is fun. I especially like the scene with William Haines and Joan Crawford.


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Wow, that's from *The Hollywood Revue of 1929* It's been a long time since I've seen that film. It has a lot of interesting stuff like the Joan Crawford dance number, the infamous "balcony scene" with John Gilbert and Norma Shearer and the color sequence where they do Singin' in the Rain. It also has the great Lon Chaney Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out number.


There is so much history in that movie. I had forgotten that William Haines was even in it. I have an old TCM copy but I won't play it until I'm ready to try an transfer it to dvd. I'm scared it will disintegrate.

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