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Name of silent movie and actress


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Okay...think back to the summer '07 series on Gay and Lesbians in the Movies.


The silent film/actress I am looking for was presented on the second night of the series.


The Very Basics


Traveling theater group on train with wanna-be actress ?

Actress hired as a maid/cook and pines for the stage

Wackiness ensues and the wanna-be is thrust into leading roles. male and female


Funniest woman I have ever seen. A real goofball like Lucille Ball.

I really do not believe it is Beatrice Lillie....plus...the atress I am looking for wasn't as um..hmmm...how should I say...not as sophisticated with he looks.



I could be wrong about Beatrice Lillie but I need one of you film-in-ators to help.


Thanks in advance for whatever you can do

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Yes, it really was Beatrice Lilly in the delightful *Exit Smiling*. She was barely in her 20s when she made the film. The co-star was Mary's brother, Jack Pickford.


By the way, there is a Myrna Loy precode on early, early tomorrow morning.

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Izcutter...your are the best! Thanks for heads up on The Wet Parade! So much to learn about this enigmatic and delicious period of film. I feel silly for knowing nothing about the films mentioned (by you I believe) on the other thread. I'll learn....Last weeks films rattled me so much that I have to know all there is to know about these little gems.


So it was Beatrice. The photos I have seen of her have been drop-dead gorgeous. dark lipstick and the bob that could have been cut with a razor. total 20's package.



Hey..she morphed into her role so well that I thought the actress was a relative of Bea Arthur. She was a pro!

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IZ It has been a while but I wanted to thank you for recommending "Sin in Soft Focus". I love having people over and their eyes immediately go to Clara Bow on the cover. As disturbing as the photo is, my favorite is from the lost movie "Human Wreckage". 1923....I never would have even guessed. Thanks

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