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Toys in the Attic!


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How could I have forgotten Yvette Mimieux was in this?

Any Lillian Hellman fans out there?

This is a movie I've wanted to see since I was a kid, and what a joy to be seeing it in letterbox format!

Late career appearance from Gene Tierney! Early career direction from George Roy Hill.

It is rather difficult to imagine Dean Martin, Geraldine Page and Wendy Hiller as brother and sisters, I must admit. With that accent, I keep picturing him in the Eli Wallach role in Baby Doll.

And some good New Orleans jazz too.


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Well, dang it all! Ah jess loves deese ol? Southern films like ?Toys In Da Attic?, ?specially da ones filmed in New Or-leeens. Ah remember when ma cousin Mary Lou and ah lived down on Bourbon Street in the da French Quarter, so long ago. We used to sit out on our veranda every evenin? ? me in my dirty tank top T-shirt and greasy work pants, drinkin? a cool Jax beer, an Mary Lou in her peur white silk slip, always smokin? a cigarette ? an we could hear da.... uhh... da... well, some folks singin? St. Louie Woman in dat old bar down by da levee.




?Course we didn?t have no such thing as air conditionin? back in them days. Dat?s whaa we was always out on our veranda, ?cept when we was.... well, you know, inside.... whar da neighbors couldn?t see us.


Dang, ah wish ah had me a big mess of crawfish rat now.... ah shor miss ma cousin? Mary Lou. Ah recon ah needs to go visit her up at Mandeville when ah gets a chance... soon as ah gets out of Angola.


Hey, ah bets ya?all can hep me make up a list of old-South films.... ah?ll start the list:


Suddenly Lass Summer


Da Fugitive Kine


Sweet Byrd of Youth


Da Long Hot Summer


Cat ona Hot Tin Ruff


Da Glass Managerie (ah Managerie is a bunch of animals)


All da King?s Men

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lol, Fred. Yes, I know just what you mean. But I can't help it. I notice The Little Foxes isn't on the list.

I keep picturing Davis and Crawford as the sisters and wondering what kind of movie it would have made. (But who would have played the brother?). I suppose, considering the alleged personal antagonism, it would have turned into another Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

btw, on a much smaller scale, we have to deal with the damned stereotypes in my neck of the woods too.

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also btw, I always felt that most Tennessee Williams work (which I appreciated more when I was young) could have been set anywhere, and simply was dealing with human nature in general. Just as I recall Hopper/Fonda always claimed Easy Rider could have been set anywhere in the states. If I remember right, the original killing, that at least partly inspired of Easy Rider, happened in Colorado, not in the south.

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>also btw, I always felt that most Tennessee Williams work (which I appreciated more when I was young) could have been set anywhere, and simply was dealing with human nature in general.


Well, ob course. The craziest and weirdest folks I eber met lived in California. An we didn?t kill no hippies down in da South. We made friends with ?em so we could take advantage of their cute chicks (dats what day called dair female cousins). Yuck, yuck, we fooled dem hippies a lot back in de ol? days, and we knew a lot of dair cousins too!)


Charlie Starkweather wuz from Neebraska. Eddie Gein wuz from Wissconsin. So wuz Jeffrey Dahmer. Charlie Manson wuz from Ohio an California. Ted Bundy wuz from Vermont. John Wayne Gacy wuz from Shecargo. David Berkowitz wuz from Brooklin. Timothy McVeigh wuz from Lockport, New York. An hey, hab you eber driven around downtown Manhattan after dark? Or da South side of Shecargo? Or East St. Louis? Or Deetroit?

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sheesh. I know. I live in California, where the nuts come from. My sister married a guy from the south, who was good enough to take me to the first non-Disney's I got to see. I never heard any shuck and jive when I was visiting, but yes, I certainly get the picture.

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In a Hollywood career beginning in the '30's and extending into the '70's, Lillian Hellman wrote or co-wrote, among other things, These Three (1936), Dead End (1937), The Little Foxes (1941), Watch on the Rhine (1943), and The North Star (1943).

And was reputedly Dashiel Hammett's inspiration for Nora Charles.

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Since Dean Martin was born in 1917 and Gene Tierney was born in 1920, how in the world was

she cast as his mother-in-law ? As for Yvette Mimieux I was waiting for her to ask

"how do they wear their hair, the women of your time?" If you consider this film a comedy

you've got it made..I woudn't have missed it for the world...



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No. I was just about to start a new thread titled, ?Sleazy films about da South...? That?s what my list of titles was for. I wanted to see how many titles we could come up with.


Then I saw your thread and I decided, on impulse, to post my message here. If it bothers you, I?ll shut up. I think about doing this type of thread every time I see a ?sleazy south? movie like this.


The Southern accents always were bad in the movies. Down in the real South, there are many state by state and even city by city regional accents, so Hollywood can never do the right accent. In New Orleans there are several city-district or "Ward" accents, such as the Irish Channel accent, and the Cajun accent, and the lower class black accent, and the upper class black accent, and a few others, including the New Orleans-by-way-of-New-York accent, and of those there are the Brooklyn and the Manhattan and the old-immigrant variations.


The fake-French-as-cajun Hollywood accents for South Louisana are terrible.


I didn't mean to co-opt your thread. Sorry. I'll shut up.

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No problem, Fred. Especially while waiting for all the octopi tonight. This thread's going to die quickly anyway. I was thinking of how of how it was almost a genre unto itself, at least when I was growing up.

Does "A Face in the Crowd" qualify?

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Yes it does qualify, although it is not a Faulkner/Williams/Hellman kind of decaying-family story. But Griffith?s from the South and he is Corrupt, so it qualifies.


As far back as 1949, "Flamingo Road" qualifies too.


Also on the list:


Intruder in the Dust


Summer and Smoke


The Rose Tattoo


Walk on the Wild Side


This Property is Condemned


A Streetcar Named Desire


Baby Doll



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