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Actors who could "steal the show" in a supporting role.

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Couldn't agree more about Thelma Ritter. She stole scenes from Bette Davis which isn't easy to do. For actors I would say two totally different types but who both fit the category. George Sanders and Strother Martin. Both always made their presence felt in whatever they did. I adored both of them but Sanders always made me swoon. Can't say that about Martin.

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And Hale was ACTIVELY stealing! He was downright larcenous! I think Flynn was the only star on the Warner lot who actually got a kick out of it. What a great chemistry they had.


On the other hand, I would LOVE to have been on the set of THE STRAWBERRY BLONDE. I bet Cagney was ready to really pull out Big Alan's bicuspids!

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> {quote:title=TriciaNY wrote:}{quote}

> Without a doubt the biggest scene stealer in Hollywood was Alan Hale Sr.!



He was hilarious!!! My favorite role of his was probably in "It Happened One Night", although he only had a small role he still stole the thunder away from CLARK GABLE *AND* CLAUDETTE COLBERT! Pretty impressive!


Has anyone seen "Young At Heart" with Doris Day and Frank Sinatra? Alan Hale *Jr.* is in it. If I didn't know it was *Jr.* I would've sworn it was senior! He looked like Sr., He talked like senior, and he ALMOST acted like Sr.! Although it was just a little too difficult for him to steal the thunder from Doris, Sinatra, and one of the best scene stealers himself, Gig Young.

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I want to give a twist to the question. 20th Century Fox edited out an entire scene in "Little Miss Broadway" because they feared Jimmy Durante would have stole the entire show !


The Biography Channel showed the deleted courtroom scene and it would have helped that movie greatly if it was left in.


Shame they did Jimmy Durante that way.

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Agree! John Williams combing his mustache in Dial M....such a sly stealer of scenes.


How abt Edgar Buchanan? A long great career and always that warm voice. While he didn't steal Penny Serenade (HARD to do with Dunne and Grant around) he acquitted himself mighty well as he always would do in whatever roles he played.


PS Come on TCM show Dial M sometime soon.

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