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Help with this movie title.

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*I'm looking to find the title of a movie that was made for T.V. and shown during the early to mid nineties. It was about a painting of a female sitting at a table and starring out of a window. This painting was passed down and/or sold. There are several stories that surround this painting.

There are windmills at one time during the film. *

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**Sorry, this movie was not the "Girl with a Pearl Earring". This movie was from the early-to-mid 1990's. I am familiar with the movie with Scarlett Johansson.. Please help me find an answer to this. Thanks.. **

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A good idea is to post this in the Information Please forum, Garth, where people are more likely to help you. Afraid I can't. It sounds familiar, but that's it. I may have read about it, but don't think I saw it.

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In the 1950s, many old classic movies were shown on local TV stations, since the three networks signed off the air early back then. Local stations found they could sell a few extra local commercials by showing an old movie after the networks signed off. Some stations showed two old movies late at night and on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Most of the old movies had almost no market value back in those days. They were very cheap for TV stations to rent, and a few university film clubs and "art theaters" rented them in big cities.


I first became aware of old movies on cable TV on a Turner network in 1976 when WTBS went to cable. Ted showed a lot of old movies on that channel, and it became very popular right away.


Hollywood films of the 1970s were so bad, and regular network TV shows were so bad, I was searching for sources of old movies. They were being shown in various theaters in big cities back in those days. That was back in the days before VCRs.


I think the first cable cost me about $6 a month. I got around a dozen channels. WTBS had more old movies than any other channel. Then AMC came on the air in the early ?80s, then TNT in the mid '80s, and TCM around 1994.

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hey again, Fred. This reminds me of a thread I almost moved into General Discussions awhile back.

I grew up in a rural area, where I still live. Two local TV stations divided the three major networks' programming between them. Fortunately at least one station showed late night and afternoon movies on the weekends, and you can bet I watched them. The three networks also reached the point where they had a movie showing almost every night of the week, even before the transition to made-for tv movies. I've always considered myself fortunate in that I was able to see a lot of Hitchcocks, a lot of John Waynes, etc. But most of what I consider classic movies they did not show. I got '50's and even more '60's product. I remember ABC did try showing classics in a 90-minute time period, I think one usually reserved for tv movies, Made for Each Other, Death Takes a Holiday, one a week for maybe eight weeks or so.

I spent some time visiting my sister in San Francisco during my late teens, and there were at least three, and probably more, arthouse/revival theaters. I remember the Cento Cedar especially. Felt like I was in heaven when I was able to visit and take in the older films.

When the cable company laid cable between the nearest town and the next nearest town, they didn't bother with access along the way. Any market they may have had rapidly disappeared, as most who wanted cable went for satellite dishes.

When I had to retire, about four years ago, I finally went for the dish. I'm not too happy about the expense, but it's well worth it to receive TCM, the NFL Network and a few others.

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