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You know you need to lay off TCM when...


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This was a list made up on a TCM group on the social networking site Facebook.


I am reposting it from the myspace type site for classic film lovers:





~You get all excited they're showing a really awesome movie...and then get **** when you realize its on at 4 am.


~You regularly put in suggestions on TCM.com


~You love it when they celebrate star's birthdays...and proceed to tell everyone " Today is *insert classic star here*'s birthday!"


~You laugh at lines like "This is Miss Caswell. She graduated from the Copacabana school of Dramatic Arts"


~You have long discussions on the directions of the characters lives when the film is over.


~You know every line to every film made by Bette Davis (or the classic star of your choice)


-When you look up the programming schedule every month, find the movies you want to watch, and program your cell phone to remind you when they're on. Especially if you go through all three months of schedules they have on the website at the same time.


-When you start catching movies you've already seen 1,000 times just to hear what Robert Osbourne has to say for its introduction.


-When you almost miss a dentist appointment because you slept in a little too late after staying up half the night watching documentaries on Marlene Dietrich and Clara Bow. (Oops!)


-you're late for work because you got caught up in a movie you were watching while eating breakfast before leaving the house


~When you start re-cast movies with modern day stars.


~You start adapting classic films for the stage, and are really sad that the original stars are dead.


~People have to remind you that these stars are dead, because every time one of their movies comes on you freak and comment on how you wish you could meet them


~You get mad when they try to have theme marathons...and they just don't work.


~You look forward to "The Essentials" even if they're showing a crappy movie, just to see what Carrie Fisher is gonna say.


~You get mad when they show a movie you really wanted to see when you are at work/school/sleeping.


-when you try to start talking like the do in old movies...such as calling everyone darling


~At 2 or 3 Am there is a movie you have never seen before and you know you HAVE to see it soon so you stay up all night watching it.


~All you want to talk about are these great movies, but no one wants to hear about it


~You finally have all the time in the world to watch TCM and there is a marathon that you couldn't care less about.


~During "31 days of Oscars" you go into hiding with the tv.


-You accidentally introduce yourself by with 'Hi, I'm Robert Osborne


-you go crazy when someone breaks your "movie trance"


-you turn off all the lights and shut all the curtains to get ready for a movie


-you print out tcm's monthly schedule


-Robert Osborne's your hero, THE ESSENTIALS is essential to life


-you save tcm.com under Favorites


-you join a tcm-loversfacebookgroup


-you can't even type more than ten reasons why you know you need to lay off tcm because there's a Humphrey Bogart movie on...


-many years at the Oscars you sometimes find yourself recognizing more of the celebrities in the Memoriam portion than those actually nominated.


-Your parents/grandparents don't stand a chance against you in scene-it.


-When your DVR is filled up of Classic movies from Turner Classic Movie Channel.


-the end of January comes and you wonder how to increase the hard drive capacity on your DVR


-you need to explain the difference between Katharine & Audrey Hepburn, as well as telling that they're not related


-you love browsing through the trailers, clips, and photos on the movies and actors/actresses


-you asked not to be disturbed during a star of the month or any themed movie feature


-you get excited over the 31 days of oscars month because they get to show our favorites again


-you watch those movies that are three hours long, and only go to the washroom when the "intermission" sign shows


-you prefer listening to Robert Osbourne over Ben Mankiewicz, or reverse


-almost half of the stuff came from the tcm store


-you get excited over the "summer of stars" month in august, only to discover that your favourite star won't have a day of movies


-you try your best to beat the high score on the trivia in tcm.com


-you know everything about every old movies and actors/actresses, including the cult and underrated ones, while your friends only know the overrated ones like Marilyn and breakfast at tiffany's


--you wish you were a guest programmer so you can pick the movies you like and talk to Robert Osbourne



Kind of silly yeh I know but I though the folks at TCM would enjoy that.





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I'm guilty of about six or eight of them.


A long time ago when I was in hight school I had a short day my senior year. In my last class I joked with my teacher I had to leave early because there was a Jimmy Stewart movie on at noon I had never seen. She laughed but about twenty minutes later she came and told me I could leave.


I write movies I want to see on my desk calendar at work. Sometimes well in advance as I know I'll forget them.


Playing Trivial Pursuit one time a question came to me and when the young lady was having trouble reading the question I finished it for her and gave the answer. The game came to an abrupt end. It's often everyone against me if they will even play.

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i am so incredibly guilty of calling everybody darling, especially after watching breakfast at tiffany's. like one time my friend called me and i picked up the phone with a 'hello dahling, so nice to hear from you!' and she said..'i'm looking for sarah, but i think this is the wrong number...'


and i get mad when a good movie comes on at like 3 in the morning but i'm dead asleep - for example, love with the proper stranger is on tonight at an ungodly hour. good thing i have it taped.


AND i close the curtains, turn off the lights, and put a post-it on my door saying don't bug me, _____ is on.


these were funny, thanks for sharing!

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You know you need to lay off TCM when...


When you have to apply for sick time at work when it's a day of films you want to see!

For Example, last sumer I took a Vaction day when iit was "Summer Under the Stars" and the day was for Joan Crawford films. I requested the day of by stating on my request for: "I need to to day off since I wnat to spend it with Joan!"!


I'm guilty for most of them on your list!

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"You know you?ve been watching too much TCM when you are asleep at night and every so often the little TCM logo appears in the lower right-hand corner of your dreams." -FredCDobbs



Hahahaha Fred why do you think I got my tattoo?!?!?! That is exactly what it is of too--the time stamp that I just had to be stamped with.






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I confess. I'm guilty of nearly all of those. I'm really getting irritated with all the interruptions when there's a movie on I've been waiting to see (which is half the time with TCM). My poor friends. I think my TCM addiction has been confirmed.

I might add: "You know you're reading the TCM message boards too much when you think you know when people go to sleep or wake up, east coast or west coast." Really notice that lag in the middle of the night when I'm trying to stay awake and watch something.

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You know you?ve been watching too much TCM when you are asleep at night and every so often the little TCM logo appears in the lower right-hand corner of your dreams.


Haaaa! That one made my day. I hope the .com part doesn't make you toss and turn.


Sometimes I lapse into movie dialog during a normal conversation but my friends have come to accept it with minimal eye rolling.

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> {quote:title=kas_to wrote:}{quote}

> are you the punk lady who got the initials TCM tatooed on their arm??? I just assumed perhaps you had the same iniitials and did it as a gag


Yes I am that person. I did it because I love TCM and have been watching it since its first day on the air in 94. FYI- my real initials are KAK.

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Sensational thread! Two stand out in my mind 1)Now Playing. When it comes I drop everything to check off the films I want to put on my DVR. 2)I program just to see what Robert has to say about it even though Ive seen it 1000 times. My fasination witgh Bogart goes back 50 years. I have read almost everything about him. Years ago The disney Store used to sell framed pictures. I have Bogie,Paul Newman andPeter Lorre hanging on my living room wall. I want to read that new George Raft book too sounds interesting. Ive read biographies all my life about these people.Currently readng "Pictures at a Revolution" which takes 5 films that revolutionized the industries in the 1960s and "Inside Inside" about James Lipton and "Inside the Actors studio" both fascinating works

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