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seeking name of film - old woman in apt bldg taken over by college students


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There is a movie, from late 1940s (or maybe early 1950s) about an elderly woman in an apartment building, who lost her son. Perhaps from a war. Or maybe she was waiting for him to return, and he never returned. In the meanwhile, her apartment building was taken over by a college. Soon everybody else in the building was a college student. Over time, she became attached to some of them (who sought her advice in matters, etc.) and had become important to them. In turn, some of the students had become important to her.


I was reading some comments about it on www.IMDb.com , which were very complimentary about this movie (about how touching it was, that it was a good sentimental movie, etc.). That was several years ago. I forgot to write down the name of the movie title.


Does anybody here know which movie I may be talking about?


The "User Comments" at IMDb were several ringing endorsements, making it sound like an exceptional movie. A drama, well done, that dealt with emotional things -- such as the woman's not wanting to leave the apt. bldg. because her son would then not have any way to find her. Also, it was suggested in the Comments that some of the college students were substitutes (of a kind) for her lost son.


Any ideas would be appreciated, in helping me to track down the name of this movie!


My e-mail address is: gentleword@yahoo.com




David N.

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Hi David,


Welcome to the boards. I was able to find the following information on the film Someone to Remember (1943) at the internet movie data base website:


An elderly woman whose son disappeared years before refuses to move when her apartment building is turned into a college dormitory for male students, as she is convinced that he will return one day. She continues to live in the building after it becomes a dorm, and eventually grows attached to a troubled young student whom she comes to believe is her own grandson. When she finds out that the boy's father will be visiting him, she prepares herself to be reunited with the man she has convinced herself is her long-lost son. Peter Lawford appears in the film as Joe Downes. This sounds like a really touching film.

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Thanks very much. I really appreciate it.


I wonder if TCM has ever played this movie, or if it's in their library.


It seems like IMDb.com had a couple different reviews (User Comments). Now that I know what the title is, I can do more research on it.


Thanks again.



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