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The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

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did your kidling celebrate St. Patty's day with you and your loverly husband?


No... not much of a "ST. Pat's" day around here.. I even forgot what day it was unitl later in the morning when the kidling says... Hey mom... Happy St. Patrick's day...


heehee! cute!


We had a big "awards ceremony" this evening for the scouting troop that the kidling is a part of... and as the coordinator for that I was busy most of the day here at home and then I left and had to get things set up this afternoon... And then most of the evening was the meeting and ceremony... so THAT was my St. Patrick's day...


i remember the girl scout troups when i was littler! i had lots of friends who were one. i still love the girl sctout cookies. heehee! a friend from my old class who's now in college with me still gets her yearly girl scout cookies and we still love them! its pretty pathetic, but thats okay. what kinds of awards were in the ceremony?


I even missed the Quiet Man... boo hoo... I need to watch it tonight before I call it a day, just so I can feel like ME again!! ha.


oh no! i watched that the other day with momma. she had never seen it, so it was a new experience for her.


I haven't seen McClintock in a couple of months... but I still recall all the fun we had chatting that one up one night... a LONG time ago... I will look forward to seeing those screencaps, little missy.


i remember too. that was a fun chit chat. i hope you like them!


Have a happy St. Patty kinda night.

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*Well, uh, okay...I'll do it next year*


you beter swasheroo, or the shiny green leprechauns will come and get you. and you and your plank wont be able to stop them. heehee!


I think there was more to it than that green shirt. I think they thought you were just too cute


i dont know, they get pretty silly on St. Patrick's day.

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Hey Frankie,


It's that time of year again!


And, just so's you know, the weather is great here! 85 degrees today and the evenings are balmy.


Read 'em and weep, baby:


The 11th Annual Film Festival is returning to the Egyptian Theatre/American Cinematheque here in the City of Angels. The festival includes 26 film noirs (19 of which are not yet on DVD) It is hosted by Eddie Muller and Alan K.Rode.


Here's the line up (the first film in each double feature starts at 7:30 pm):


Thursday, April 2 - 7:30 PM

Jane Greer Double Feature:

*OUT OF THE PAST*, 1947, Warner Bros., Dir. Jacques Tourneur.

Rare! *THE COMPANY SHE KEEPS*, 1951, Warner Bros., Dir. John Cromwell.


Friday, April 3 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

New 35mm Print: *ALIAS NICK BEAL*, 1949, Universal, Dir. John Farrow.

Rare! *FLY-BY-NIGHT*, 1942, Universal, Dir. Robert Siodmak


Saturday, April 4 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

Rare! *SMOOTH AS SILK*, 1946,Universal, Dir. Dir. Charles Barton.

Rare! *ROSES ARE RED*, 1947, 20th Century Fox, Dir. James Tinling.


Sunday, April 5 - 7:30 PM

Joseph Pevney Double Feature:

*NOCTURNE*, 1946, Warner Bros., Dir. Edwin L. Marin.

New 35mm Print: *SIX BRIDGES TO CROSS*, 1955, Universal, Dir. Joseph Pevney


Thursday, April 9 - 7:30 PM

Anthony Mann Double Feature:

*TWO O?CLOCK COURAGE*, 1945, Warner Bros., Dir. Anthony Mann.

*DESPERATE*, 1947, Warner Bros., Dir. Anthony Mann.


Friday, April 10 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

*THE ENFORCER*?1951, Warner Bros., Dir. Bretaigne Windust.

*CONVICTED*, 1950, Sony Repertory, Dir. Henry Levin.


Saturday, April 11 - 7:30 PM

Robert Ryan Double Feature:

*THE RACKET*, 1951, Warner Bros., Dir. John Cromwell.

New 35mm Print: *WOMAN ON PIER 13,* 1949, Warner Bros., Dir. Robert Stevenson.


Sunday, April 12 - 7:30 PM

Fritz Lang Double Feature:

*WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS*, 1956, Warner Bros., Dir. Fritz Lang.

*BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT*, 1956, Warner Bros., Dir. Fritz Lang.


Thursday, April 16 - 7:30 PM

Double Feature:

*DEADLINE USA*? 1952, 20th Century Fox, Dir. Richard Brooks.

Rare! *CHICAGO DEADLINE*, 1949, Paramount, Dir. Lewis Allen.


Friday, April 17 - 7:30 PM

?Am I crazy??Double Feature:

Rare! *THE OCTOBER MAN*, 1947, MGM Repertory, Dir. Roy Ward Baker.

Rare! *SLEEP, MY LOVE*, 1948, Dir. Douglas Sirk. (Screened from a digital source)


Saturday, April 18 - 7:30 PM

Joseph Losey Double Feature:

Newly Restored 35mm Print! Ultra-Rare! *THE PROWLER*, 1951, Dir. Joseph Losey.

Ultra-Rare! *CHANCE MEETING* (aka BLIND DATE), 1959, Paramount, Dir. Joseph Losey.


Sunday, April 19 - from 1:30 to 5:30 - Ann Savage Memorial Tribute - FREE ADMISSION




Sunday, April 19 - 7:30 PM

Paul Stewart Double Feature:

*WALK SOFTLY, STRANGER*, 1950, Warner Bros., Dir. Robert Stevenson.

*CHICAGO SYNDICATE*, 1955, Sony Repertory, Dir. Fred F. Sears.

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Uh-oh. I see capital punishment lives on in California. First Dewey's Roxie and now

this! You are evil! And you ain't just a touch of, either.


That is a fascinating line-up of film noir. I haven't even heard of half of 'em.


Do you know what excites me the most about this festival? The Prowler. I'm

absolutely thrilled to learn it has been restored and is going to be shown. Ohhhh, I hope

that one comes to DVD or TCM.


I'm also interested in Chance Meeting, Sleep, My Love, Alias Nick Beal,

and Two O'Clock Courage.


The Company She Keeps would be a CineMaven special, since it has Jane

Greer and Liz Scott.

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The eyeglasses in "Compulsion."


Or Dorothy Malone & Marilyn Monroe dispelling the myth of "men don't make passes at

girls who wear glasses" in "____________________" & "________________."


Fire up that thread, Lively Gal.



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What's your favorite classic





Ok.... NOT a classic movie.... but it IS a classic!! :-)


And the way my eyesight has been acting up lately.... I may just need glasses about that strong in the very near future.... Ha!


A few years ago.... I hit forty.... and forty hit me back!!!!! :-)

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