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Sets I'd Love To Live In


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Seven movie sets quickly come to mind -


The living room in the London flat of Grace Kelly and Ray Milland in Dial M For Murder


The living room of Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison in The Reluctant Debutante


The FLW house of Richard Egan and Dorothy McGuire in A Summer Place


Katharine Hepburn's apartment in Desk Set


Ginger Rogers's apartment in Bachelor Mother (could anybody believe Ginger's character who worked as a clerk in Merlin's dept. store could afford such a darling place complete with incredible fireplace)


Barbara Bel Geddes's apartment in San Fran in Vertigo


AND the biggie, James Mason's house near Mt. Rushmore - Oh that living room, wasn't it beautiful?

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James Mason's home in *North by Northwest*


James Mason and Judy Garland's home in *Star is Born*


Barbara Stanwyck's home in *Christmas in Connecticut*


Dean Jagger's farm in *White Christmas* (with a barn big enough to stage a Broadway Revue in)


Nick and Nora's apartment in *The Thin Man*


Jessica Tandy's or Suzanne Pleshette's house in Bodega Bay in *The Birds* (probably Tandy's it had more room).

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YAY! what a fun thread!

i love the hotel room in Paris When it Sizzles - if there's a balcony with a view of the Eiffel tower, i'm moving in.

and i have a thing for Molly Ringwald's rooms in 16 Candles and Pretty in Pink. they were so...80's teenage girl. : )

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I eat dessert first, so I'll start with the Chocolate Room in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Then for dinner, I'd like to stop by that crazy, haphazard restaurant in Jacques Tati's Playtime.


For a day job, I wouldn't mind working at Blofeld's secret volcano headquarters in You Only Live Twice. Until it blows up, that is.


And I'd love to see if I could spend one night...by myself...in Hill House from the original The Haunting. I just want to see if I can handle it.

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That home in Christmas in Connecticut is wonderful. Another like it was Katharine Hepburn's auntie's house in Bringing Up Baby. Dutch doors, beam ceilings, etc.


Leave Her to Heaven had that fab house in New Mexico with the swimming pool/pond.


Also, Jimmy's apartment in Rear Window with the bamboo shades. I think Hitch must have liked those shades because the exact same ones were in Bel Geddes apt in Vertigo.

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Nice thread, Poinciana!


John Robie's villa in To Catch a Thief










May I please include my Francie?






Leave Her to Heaven






I won't invite my brother. ;)




I'd love to visit this place from Fallen Angel:




I better have a lot of tip money. :D




But my place would be this:








I love kittens. :)



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Hey, CCBaxter -- Stately Wayne Manor! Holy Homestead! Love it, Frank!


:D You made me laugh with "Holy Homestead!" Perfect.


What's up, Laffite -- Well, if Grace isn't included, you at least have a view.


I'd say!




Here's my current residence:



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